Legends or Leaders – Big Ten Just Does Not Get It

By: Tim Naida

The national perception of the Big Ten is that it is behind the times. The conference is top heavy, and their best teams can’t hang with the best teams from the Pac-10, Big 12, and especially the SEC.

The Big Ten Revealed It's New Divisions and Logo

Ohio State is still battling the perception that they can’t win the big one. Michigan has been down since Rich Rodriguez took over. Penn State, Iowa, and Wisconsin have all had their good years, but none have been consistent enough to help shed the overrated label. The rest of the Big Ten can’t be counted on for more than the occasional good year.

With powerhouse (both current and historical) Nebraska joining the conference, the Big Ten has an opportunity to take leaps forward. Corn is a name that has a lot of clout, and could bring some respect to a conference that hasn’t seen a lot of it since Florida took Ohio State to the woodshed a few years back.

How has the Big Ten used this opportunity to advance? How about some lame division names and a logo that looks older than Greg Brinda. They also decided to throw more history into the mix by coming up with 18 awards and tagging them with two historical names each.

There’s nothing wrong with celebrating history. I love the Hayes-Schembechler Coach of the Year Award. And guys like Charles Woodson, Dick Butkus, and Drew Brees should be celebrated. But the Eddleman-Fields Punter of the Year? O. Ver. Kill.

As the saying goes, perception is reality. The Big Ten should be doing something to move forward, not look backward. This should be an exciting time for the conference. Corn coming in is (I don’t know how to put this) kind of a big deal. Lame names and overkill aren’t the end of the world, but they are a reflection of an attitude that can keep the Big Ten from improving at a time when it desperately needs to, and more importantly, has the opportunity to.

It’s not as if a logo and some historical names are the biggest concerns in all these changes. They’re not. But it does reflect a holier than thou attitude from the conference. Instead of an honest look at where the conference is and where it should be, it seems that the Big Ten is content with taking their bowl bids and letting a few programs carry the conference.

The suits would rather count their BCS cash and pretend their schedules are “murderer’s row.” It’s that kind of clueless attitude that can keep the Big Ten in their current funk.


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  1. Uhh…Hater! Does the name of the divisions or the logo really matter that much? I thought what mattered was the athletic competition. Granted, the Big Ten has had it struggles. (Nevermind that OSU lost it’s premier deep threat early in the game against Florida and that made it MUCH easier for Florida’s defense to get consistent three and outs.) In other words Naida, get a life. Go back to writing about your local adult softball leagues that only you and a handful of others might care about. Don’t waste our time with your mindless babble.

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