McCoy: Shown Me Plenty!

By Michael Reghi

I would love to see Colt McCoy back triggering the Browns offense as early as Sunday in Cincinnati, and certainly to close the season against AFC North rivals Baltimore and Pittsburgh, just as much as all of you do.

The reasons, however, are vastly different then most of you. I have been amazed at how many ‘quarterbacking critics’, after watching the coach’s son from Texas assert himself, and announce his NFL presence beautifully in his five highly successful starts, are using the ‘don’t know if he can throw the ball well enough in December conditions’ card, as the reason for having to have him out there.

Laughable. Let me ask all of you who feel this way this. If he doesn’t excel in these last few games, after not having played for a month, are you going to then flush him, and start your campaigns to what move up in the draft, and get your ‘qb of the future?

And, by doing so, completely disregard his performances in five starts, against Pittsburgh, New Orleans, New England, the New York Jets, and Jacksonville? It would not change my stance one bit if he didn’t complete a pass to end the season!

Let’s count the ways Colt McCoy has shown me EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW about his abilities to be successful as an NFL quarterback. As stated on Browns React on November 13th, following the tough overtime loss to the Jets.

1. He’s in complete control of his offense. He has a command, and understanding, of each position, how it’s supposed to function in the offense he’s been given to run. Can’t teach that. McCoy oozes that confidence in his approach to the game. Passes the eye test!

2. He keeps his eyes downfield on receivers. He’s not ‘staring down’ the pass rush, and exiting the pocket too quickly. Keeps plays alive! So vital to a young qb. Let’s receivers, especially Ben Watson and Evan Moore, get into their routes. Check out the final drive late 4th quarter to tie the Jets. Classic play from McCoy!

3. Accuracy. Accuracy. And more accuracy! Can’t accentuate this enough! He isn’t reckless with the football, values it, and yet, even when on the move, keeping plays alive with his feet, McCoy delivers the football ‘on’ receivers…giving them an opportunity to pick up yards after the catch. A tremendous advantage to today’s NFL passing game. And the legs? Huge advantage in this NFL for a qb!

4. Recognizing defensive tendencies. McCoy knows what he’s looking at across the ball from him, and how they want to attack him, and what’s needed to take advantage of the mismatches you may be given as a quarterback. Love this about him! Comes from the work, the hours of study he puts in…and wanting to be the best! He won’t settle for less, or ever ‘cheat’ you by not being immaculately prepared!

5. Making those around him better!!! The major ‘Reghi Mantra’ for evaluating quarterbacks. Do you have the ability to bring players to the level you, the quarterback, must have them perform at for all to be successful? Colt McCoy does, and then some!

I’m convinced. I’ve seen that much and more, in the five football games he’s started to feel very excited about him, and the quarterbacking future of the Cleveland Browns. So should you. He’ll throw the football just fine in winter conditions. Champions and winners always find ways to succeed. That’s Colt McCoy.

You should want to see him play…go through the above checklist when watching McCoy. Don’t hone in on what you’re looking to find as a negative. Of course, many of you had him pegged as a ‘can’t play’ guy after watching him in the preseason. Remember your August thoughts? If that was your measuring stick…the kid showed you, didn’t he? Enjoy Colt McCoy Cleveland…for a long, productive, and successful time to come!


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  1. McCoy makes everyone better. It is funny how no one complined abut coaching and how smooth everything looked when Colt played. Go back to Delhomme and last year Quinn and ANderson and everyone calls the coaches idiots. When you get a real QB liek McCoy the team and coaches come to life.

    no way players and coaches have faith in jake and Senneca and it shows.

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