Gossip Girls!

By Greg Brinda

So the word on the street is Mangini is out.

Players supposedly are whispering this.

National guys are now speculating the end is near.

It may or may not be.

But unless Mike Holmgren is out hanging clothes and talking to his neighbors, I just can’t believe that he’d be (insert appropriate word here) enough to let something like that out.

Unless he has specifically told Mangini or his staff , which I don’t think he has, then all this is just assumption, speculation and GOSSIP.

Now I can’t predict the future of Mangini right now but I am almost positive no one knows his fate just yet…just the GOSSIP GIRLS!!!



  1. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny stuff Greg. I would love to see Mangini win 2 more and keep his job. No one on earth thought we would/could win more than 7 this year and most said 6. If he wins 7 and gets canned then I assume Holmgrne never intended to keep him at all and that would be too bad for us as fans. I have no interest in another “start over” no matter who the coach is….

  2. Of all the names thrown around for Mangini’s replacement, I wonder why no one has mentioned Rob Ryan. If the Browns don’t promote him I fear that someone else will.

  3. Mangini should be fired, period. Losses to Carolina, Buffalo and Cinci – enough said. We need to demand more from that organization. His blind dedication to Brian Daboll is enough to have him removed from the game, never to be a head coach again…

  4. Rob Ryan needs to be an Elite Defensive coordinater before he gets named a headcaoch. if he was half as good as the hype the browns would not have been gutted by the run the last 3 weeks when it mattered

  5. nah, my guess is he’ll be demoted numerous times. much like goldhammer did to you eh, lover?

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