The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Great Friday morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk about…the REAL SHAQ ATTACK that took over the North Coast the past two years…one that WAS a CHAMPION and yes, I am talking SHAQ WASHINGTON from the Maple Hts Mustangs, THEE D II Football Champions in the bastion of civilization, the GREAT STATE OF OHIO!

I first met Shaq at the start of the 2009 season, as his Mustangs journeyed to Avon Lake’s Memorial Stadium to tangle with the Shoremen.  When I cover games for ESPN Cleveland I always rotate quarters, so I found myself on the Maple Hts sideline for the 2nd Qtr.  Not only was I received with open arms by coaches, trainers, administrators, ball boys and fans in the stands, players started nodding to me when they came off the field, whether it be on O, D or Special Teams!  These truly were fine, young men reppin’ their city BUT ON A MISSION to win a Football game.

Shaq truly had a leadership quality about himself as a JUNIOR, and the players knew too that there was a VERY good team around him, but when push came to shove, they needed their MAGIC MAN!  The thing that really struck me, was when Avon Lake scored in the 2nd half of the game, Shaq had that “Troy Smith vs. the u of m” look on his face.  He had the poise of Iggy’s Andrew Holland when they won it all and all Shaq and his team did was answer on the first play after a kick off an 80 yard TD pass!

Shaq also put his team on his back vs. Lake this year and in the championship game when the Mustangs looked like they were headed for a can of Alpo or the glue factory BUT did it always knowing he needed his guys by his side.  STILL, THE MAP KNEW it had SHAQ, the ULTIMATE DIFFERENCE MAKER!

The most impressive part of young Mr. Washington? I had Shaq, Devonte Ransom, Dominic Flwewllyn and Coach Todd P. with me at a Lunch with Munch after the 2009 season at IHOP on Rockside in Bedford Hts and I was NOT in the company of young football players. I was in the company of FOOTBALL WARRIOR POETS, YOUNG STUDENT ATHLETES who could NOT “Thank me” enough for lunch, but praise their community, coach and others AND talk about education.

We are ALL Blessed to have many fine youngsters – man and women – reppin’ their schools, cities, towns and region, but no doubt SHAQ WASHINGTON takes to the pedestal of gold medal winners – the GOLD MEDAL OF LIFE at this stage!  SHAQ is slated to be a Slot Receiver & kick/punt returner BUT DO NOT RULE OUT SHAQ being under center – soon!

Now, for a scolding or GET A LIFE DUDE.  I am so sorry Steve Parish from Strongsville’s life is so hard – WHAT MAY I DO TO HELP YOU STEVE – and THANKS to the PD’s Tom Warsinsky for handling him better than I will, but in today’s PD, Steve is complaining that “St. Ignatius crowned itself the National Champs in soccer.”  Steve, first, since your lack of knowledge puts you at a 10 out of 10 and I should excuse you, but as Tim noted “ESPN gave St. Ignatius this honor!”  You say you find it to be “a bit of exaggeration and without merit.”  Hmmm…who won the State Soccer Crown with an undefeated season?  Who was NOTICED by ESPN? St. Ignatius?  Did you have a problem when the great HUDSON EXPLORERS boys soccer team was given this Crown?  Jealousy is real bad thing dude, especially for adults.  Yeah, living in the basement can be tough on people, especially adults!  Email me Steve at and I’ll shoot you my cell so we can talk.  I can help you, I know I can!

* I will see you later at MARC’S on PEARL RD in Strongsville with my GREAT friends from 7 Up from 2p-4p  I’ll give away a $400 Southwest Airlines voucher TODAY and sign you up for a killa cruise – 7 days!

* Saturday stop by HGR (20001) Industrial Surplus from 9a -11a as I am LIVE – see what I have been talking about – and enjoy special guests THE BREEZE, JACK O’BREAZA and C TOWN’S REGGAE Master Carlos Jones!

Enjoy every sandwich!


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