The Future is Clearer for the Browns

By Kenny Roda

Here’s are the two most important things I took away from the Browns loss to the Bengals on Sunday:

Colt McCoy is the Browns quarterback for next year and maybe for many years.

So he can keep his home in Medina, because he’s going to be here at least through 2011.

Eric Mangini can sell his home, where ever it is, because he will not be in Cleveland next year as the coach of the Browns.




  1. Wow K (short for kenny) that is a bit harsh, now i do not think you are far off i still do believe he may be here next year as its the last year of his contract, and a coach or the coach ( I.E. gruden) may not be available for next season.

    i think manginis time here is limited just the limit is closer to 18 regualr season games than 2. although Holgrem may come down to be the coach as you suspect. i Just hope he keeps Ryan or at least a 3-4 Defensive Coordinater so we dont have to wait another 2 years for the team to be rebuilt again

  2. and take aaron goldhammer with you.

  3. You’re an idiot roda. Give the guy a chance. Tell me one coach in this league currently that could have made the playoffs with this roster. Why does everyone in this town always accept a guy with a 3-5 year plan and you media losers want to get rid of him after 2? Then when they have to blows it up again and start this process over you pull the same garbage. Maybe the cavs should Fire Byron Scott now too.

  4. Still want to keep Mangini….. Give him more talent and a full year with McCoy


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