Tribe Fans Got Jokes? What Else Is New?

By: T.J. Zuppe

Oh, so you have got jokes about how bad the Indians are?

Do you possibly have some sort of quip about the Tribe turning their outfield into a skating rink. How original you are!

Did you stay up all night thinking of those? Did you have any assistance? When can we expect your special on Comedy Central? Will it be before or after South Park and Tosh.0?

Seriously, would you like to hit on anything else at the peak of hilarity? Do you have any Glee or Miley Cyrus smack you would like to mix in?

Honestly, we all know the sad plight of the Cleveland Indians. We know, more than likely, where they will reside in the American League Central and have spent plenty of time discussing the financial state of the team. To this point, it simply just feels like piling on.

Indians bring back Outfielder Austin Kearns to the dismay of some Indians fans.

Maybe they deserve it but it certainly is starting to get a little old. At least come fresh with something new, please?

We already know the Indians are not a good baseball team. We know they have let their own players slip away to larger market teams.

We know how many holes the team possesses. In a best case scenario, they are more than likely looking at a third place finish.

We know, we know, we know. Is it acceptable? Heck no, it is not and the team should continue to have their bums placed on the hot seat.

But certainly do not rip the team for making moves that are actually smart for them, just for the sake of being trendy and hip. After all, would you like them to stop making the few heady decisions that we can agree with, or even understand?

So yes, the Indians this week brought back outfielder Austin Kearns and signed outfielder Travis Buck to a minor league deal, so what?

I never read anywhere in the Indians release the point in which they declared either signing the end all, be all. I do not remember anyone holding a parade at Progressive Field in their honor.

Those moves are what they are: smart decisions that actually fit into their financial structure. Maybe Indians’ fans are so numb to the organization that they can no longer tell what actually makes sense any more.

Kearns was brought back because he was familiar with the organization. He has made a home in the area with his wife. He was a favorite of manager Manny Acta in the clubhouse.

Indians add outfielder Travis Buck

He provides a much-needed right-handed stick off of the bench, can play all three outfield spots, in addition to bouncing to the infield to play a little first base. And most of all, he provides a little veteran presence to an otherwise young, quiet locker room.

He was one of the few that young players looked to last season and keeping him around can only be a positive from that aspect. Kearns also provides some needed insurance on outfielder Grady Sizemore, who is returning from yet another injury.

He is a fourth freaking outfielder for heaven’s sake. Why is everyone so angry?

Would it be great for the Indians to make a splash in free-agency? You bet your butt it would be! In fact, the Indians need to throw their fans a bone in that aspect and have been saying that the entire off-season.

After all, it is no wonder why good seats are still available throughout the season. No one blames the Tribe faithful for not flocking out to give the gift of Indians’ baseball around the holidays.

But you losing your lunch over a few minor signings? What in the heck is going on?

Maybe this is a good sign for the Indians. People are still so passionate about their baseball team, even when the attendance dips to the worst in Major League Baseball.

The fans are still there and man, do they really still care.

But pulling hair out over Austin Kearns? Mix in some decaf every now and again.



  1. Who are you arguing with? Half you guys on KNR are so freaking lame, you make up arguments to have with yourself. That’s Fedor’s whole schtick, he yells at us like we’re wrong and he’s right, only problem is no one ever really says the things that he is arguing against. He makes them up. Now TJ is jumping on the same theme. I will make up things people might have said somewhere in the world and then argue them. Just weak. terrible post, one of your worst ever.

  2. Thank you Billy Ray for checking it out! I’ll take your final statement as a compliment, meaning you love my other posts! I appreciate that….

  3. TJ, I wouldnt say I love your other posts, but typically they are not bad. This one though, really bad, very Fedor-like and that is not a compliment. Just stick to legitimate opinions and facts and don’t create fake arguments to have with imaginary people, like douchbag Ned does.

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