Nails In The Coffin?

By Kenny Roda

Mangini’s time management before halftime was terrible – playing not to lose!

2 time outs left in his pocket at the half – WHY? They don’t carry over to next week, or next year or your next job!

No adjustments after 1st or 2nd possession on offense. Josh Cribbs agreed with me.

You are what your record says you are and the Browns record is 5-10!

Mangini is (10-21) in 2 years – (2-9) in AFC North with the Browns!

Empty seats couldn’t have been a positive in Mike Holmgren’s eyes.

The Browns have a 3 game losing streak going into final week of season and they could end the season with a 4 game skid and end up with same record as last year at (5-11)! Is that really progress?

If a 4 game winning streak helped Mangini keep his job last season, I’ve got to believe that a 4 game losing streak to end the season would be enough to get him fired as the team played worse as the season went along!

It’s time for Mike Holmgren to cut the cord with Mangini and come down from the President’s suite and back on to the sidelines and do what he really wants to do and what he really knows how to do and that’s be the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns!



  1. i agree he needs to go.i also thought he should of got the boot last yr.That 4 game win streak was a anomaly because of who we played and the circumstances behind those games.His time management skills have sucked since the get go here,also throw in his lack of adjustments,his press conference games and his handling of the QB ‘s and there is NO question he is GONE! Daboll as well! Daboll needs to go back to school to learn how to call a game and adjust…..I gotta be honest tho id like to keep Rob Ryan as DC tho i think he has done a good job with what he has had here and you can see Haden gettin better and better each week turning into the player he was in college

  2. Go back to Pittsburgh you loser Roda! Makes me sick we have a Steelers fan on our air waves. No way Pittsburgh has a Browns fan on thier sports channels. You guys have been riding Mangini all year… The four turnovers are what killed us, and a much supperior team on the other side.

  3. I don’t understand how this crap actually gets recognition.

    This Browns team has been competitive and gone toe-to-toe with every opponent they have faced this year and taken it to just about every team. This is a team that was predicted to *maybe* win 5 games this season in what is one of the toughest NFL schedules this season and a roster filled with holes and is thin..

    Mangini has pulled out everything he can, and more, out of this team.

    This article is a prime example of why Cleveland Sports media is a joke.

  4. Well said ,Roda. Keep up the good work

  5. So Big Trav…, You think having to switch QB’s 5 times this year was the coaches fault? You think lack at depth at RB was the coaches fault? You think playing a team like Balt with tons of talent, your team turns it over 4 times and you still are fighting for the win is the coaches fault?!

    That is why we suck all the time…. You let guys that know nothing about sports like Roda and Reghi influence you guys. Roda is a PITTSBURGH fan….. why would/could he ever be objecitve about the Browns. The man will be wearing a Steelers jersey Sunday rootign for the Browns to lose and yet you guys are saying “great insight Kenny”

    • At least Kenny asks questions at the Brown’s press conferences that no one else will ask. You hearing this “where’s the Bacon” Brinda?…LOL! Happy Holidays to one and all…here’s looking to NEXT year’s Browns team and an easier schedule…AND stronger ankles for the QB’s!

  6. […] one of which that are usually followed in the Cleveland sports media is brevity, because when your argument lacks clarity or flat out sucks, you tend to keep it short. To suggest that Mike Holmgren would be the savior on the sideline is a […]

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