The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Great Sunday evening to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU Friend?  YES, we have to talk and after we ALL were riding that Santa Claus “high” our Browns brought us back to earth!  As Tom Petty sang “I NEED TO KNOW” so do WE need the know about the following…

* Browns leave 2 TO’s on the clock at the end of the first half!  NO Eric and Brian – you CANNOT use these for bargaining chips for new gigs AND
* Let’s start the 2nd 1/2 with an ON SIDE KICK!

OK, we KNOW that the ravens are the better team…but the SAINTS AND PATS were better teams too.  What were the Browns thinking? They would sit on the MO MASS to ROBO TD????

Yes, B’more had something to play for – playoffs a d more (home field, bye) but I would THINK that coaching for MY job and playing as an audition for a new coach OR team would really get me rockin’ as the eye in the sky does not lie!!

YUP, I feel that I wasted 3 hours of my life (again) at Cleveland  Browns Stadium when I SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE PRESS BOX and GOTTEN WASTED!

Some OSU stuff to let marinate for now…
* Kirk Herbstreit…have you ever been broke or hungry (& remember, oh never mind…) AND
* A coach makes 4 million and an AD 1 million…hmmm…I AM broke so I’ll sell this award for $$!  Wrong, YES!  Practical to get some bread…YES!  What were the words to the old Country Joe McDonald song?  They went like this…”When your broke and you need some cash, rip it off from the ruling class…the best things in life are free, when you steal them from the bourgeoisie!”  Well, our boys did neither but…YEAH, they were wrong!

Mark May is a blowhard saying “if this was SEC the kids would be booted off the team”…can you say (S)Cam Newton and NCAA…you are really frickin’ legit!  If this was THAT BAD, these players would be out of the Sugar Bowl!!  Why aren’t they?

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!



  1. As usual you got things wrong. Cam Newton was cleared by the NCAA. Why? No money was exchanged. His father DID NOT try to “shop him around.” He went with his son to Mississippi State on a recruiting trip where he was approached by former State player Kenny Rogers who said he would get them $180,000 if State signed Cam. Cecil Newton did not approach anyone about this. He was approached by Kenny Rogers, who is being investigated by the NFL Players Association and was mentioned 10 years ago in an NCAA investigation of State. No other school was mentioned offering him money. None. That is why the NCAA closed the investigation. Had money been exchanged, Cam would have been ineligible at the institution that gave him the money. This has happened before. For example, in 1999, it was found that the University of Alabama gave Albert Mean’s coach $100,000 to recruit Means. Means was declared ineligible at Bama, and could transfer and play immediately at Memphis.

    The NCAA did mess up with the Ohio State players. Earlier this year, AJ Greene at Georgia was found to have sold a jersey. He was declared ineligible for the first four games of the season. Had the NCAA been consistent, the five OSU players would be missing the Sugar Bowl and the next three games next year.

    But I would not expect a reasonable comment from a homer, such as yourself.

    • Leave it to Munch to defend the actions of Terrelle Pryor with the lyrics from a song I’ve never heard of, from an artist I’ve never heard of. And I can’t envision TP listening to Country music in the locker room getting fired up for a game. And it’s apparent he doesn’t listen to the Vest either….

      I don’t defend Munch often….he is such an easy target….but in this case I will. While it’s obvious that Brian spends a lot of time in his parents’ basement getting baked while watching Cinemax at night, he did not attend his basic legal or ethics classes at his local community college. Whether either Newton initiated the conversations is irrelevant…sanctions should have come down. To parallel this to your life, let’s say your Dad’s mistress comes down into the basement and offers you the rest of her blow. You accept. You go to jail. While the NCAA should probably have suspended the thugs for the Sugar Bowl, and while it’s obvious neither Smith nor the Vest will do the right thing and impose their own sanctions from the University of Ohio State, the bottom line is….who cares? If your not in the BCS title game, it really means nothing. I’d rather see them gone anyway for the 5th game next year against Sparty.

      Defending Munch…..I’m feeling ill……..

      • Stupid defense of Munch. If Newton had gone to Mississippi State, where the violations occurred, he would have been declared ineligible. However, he did not. He went to a different school. Has this happened in the past, yes. I cited the Albert Means case. Since Auburn was investigated by the NCAA and was found not to have violated any NCAA rules, then Auburn should not be punished. Since reading comprehension, along with English, aren’t high points for you (by the way, your and you’re aren’t interchangeable) money was not exchanged to the Newtons by Mississippi State or anyone else. Kenny Rogers was the person talking about the money, no one from Auburn, Oklahoma, or Tennessee discussed money with the Newtons. If money was exchanged, he would be instantly ineligible.

        Yes, it is important who initiated the conversations about the money. Munch has said several times (not in his poorly written blog) that Cecil Newton “shopped around” his son. In order to shop around his son, he would have to initiate the conversation of money and then do it at more than one school.

        Munch has done this a lot. He is a fan with a mic. He likes to promote himself with his acts at church, then he rips a kid without knowing the facts. Cam Newton, meanwhile, spent his Christmas working at a homeless shelter. During the fall, he worked with five fifth graders at a school in Auburn, Alabama.

        As for you, you obviously are a mouth breather who is too stupid to understand why no sanctions came down. Auburn did nothing wrong. Cecil Newton did not receive money. It’s that simple. No crime. No punishment. It’s good to see you refer to your mother as my dad’s mistress.

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