Reg’s Reflections

By Michael Reghi

***I am reflecting on***

Two very pertinent questions that I’d like you to ask yourself, as this season has played out, regarding the Browns future, and how the current coaching regime, Eric Mangini, and his assistants, would have to be asked as well, if you were Mike Holmgren, conducting his end of season interviews.

1. Given the skills we’ve seen displayed from Colt McCoy, why should Holmgren feel comfortable that Mangini’s offensive philosophies serve as the best gatekeeper of his development going forward? Is this approach to offense the one you want McCoy to begin his formative quarterbacking years with?

***I brought this up yesterday following the game on ‘Browns React’, and I see Bud Shaw makes mention of the same in his Plain Dealer column today. Eric Mangini’s offensive approach to the game is antiquated, it’s archaic, and it’s lifeless. He doesn’t play to attack defenses. He runs the football repeatedly in the red zone (see Buffalo and Cincinnati) with Peyton Hillis, he, by his own response, ‘doesn’t use timeouts as a half is winding down, and run the no huddle, because he doesn’t want the opponent to have the football again’. So better to leave plays and timeouts on the field, while you wind up with field goals to end the half…while trailing in the game. Is that how you believe Mike Holmgren envisions Colt McCoy, with all the ingredients necessary to operate and execute an offense that is diverse and attacking, being coached?

If you’re being honest, I can’t believe even the most ardent Mangini supporters among you, can say, ‘yes…Mike Holmgren will be fine with those type of philosophies of how to play the game on the offensive side’….that’s just not reality. And Holmgren isn’t fine with it.

2. Shouldn’t a head coach that demands consistency and accountability from his players at every turn…be expected to give the same in his performance back to them?

****Handcuffing your quarterback and offense while letting time run off the clock, and leaving plays on the field while settling for field goals while trailing is one thing…then you begin the second half in a 13-10 game, against the superior football team with a failed onside kick! That’s not coaching consistency. That’s anything but. Three plays later, Joe Flacco and friends are in the end zone, the Browns are now down two scores…and the game’s complexion is now totally different.

From all accounts, the Browns players had this at the forefront of their ‘ he wants to do what’? puzzlement after the game. You want even, steady play from them, not going on and off course like your on a roller coaster ride…fine…just know that players expect the same back from their coaches. Do they get that from this staff?

Bottom line to this…there is no vendetta, no personal attack, no agenda, no delight in seeing another Browns season wash away with all these questions surrounding a head coach and his staff. Through much of his two year reign in Cleveland, I’ve stuck by Eric Mangini and his creation of the Browns, and how he envisioned them playing, in his likeness.

I do not see him being successful with his philosophy and style of play in Cleveland, where great strides need to be made to reach the level of Pittsburgh and Baltimore in the division. This organization needs an aggressive, attacking style of play that looks to create leads in games, to use the skills of a young quarterback, who is developed with that aggressiveness in mind. And with the front office that seeks out and acquires players with that very thought in mind.

How many 16-13 wins do you see with regularity around the NFL these days? We all know the answer there. Ask your self those two questions, and let me know the response.



  1. Reg – Come on. Really. Who is Mangini going to attack the #4 running defense with? Peyton or Peyton or Peyton. We the Browns are doing the best we can with what we got. What happens when they decide to air it out and Colt throws 6 int’s instead of three? I’ll tell you – “Mangini sucks i can’t believe they put him out there like that. Do you know what that is going to do to his development?” We have made tremendous strides this year over last year. However we still have a long way to go. Let’s look at strength of schedule. That coupled with a team that is rebuilding = 5-11. If we had some cake walk schedule like Kansas City we would be 9-7. Cleveland fans are awesome and they want to win but they want to win now and that aint gonna happen. it will but just not now

  2. Mr. Negative is at is again… Reg take a hike. We are sick and tired of your attacks every week on Mangini. Have an original thought. What would Holmgren have done with baiscally no Hillis yesterday, a rookie QB and the best D in the NFL on the other side? NOTHING! That is why he went 4-12 in Seattle his last year when players got hurt. Mangini gets a ton out of his palyers and as a long time season ticket holder i have no interest in a 60 something Holmgren with nothing to proove coming back to coach and neither do most fans… the voted last week in the PD 4 to 1 for Mangin oiver Holmgren!

  3. I am not a Mangini fan. But if you compare his teams to the ill disciplined, lifeless, self-centered teams that Romeo Crennel coached (and Phil ‘the pill’ Savage constructed) even the most rabid Mangini hater would agree they are a big improvement.

    I say given the labor situation and the benefits of ‘continutity’ that Mangini be given one more year. The caveat–that Brian ‘Deadbolt’ be replaced as offensive co-ordinator.

  4. more of knr and the cleveland media pushing their agenda…it’s funny how sportstalk loons are so much smarter than the ppl actually looking at film, preparing game plans, um, actually in the nfl…etc etc…

    the media hates mangini, they like media friendly coaches…you’ll never win changing coaches constantly…cle has proven that since 1999, so have other orgs…pitt stays the course, even thru losing seasons…how’s that working out?

    if mangini is fired, then the nxt coach will be offered all kinds of exuses for his failure….and he will fail

    then lerner will have to pay ANOTHER coach not to do so…at some point, perhaps now, lerner may not want to pay another coach….

    and forget holmgren, he’s 62 and 16 hour days are not on the menu for him or his wife…

    grudens and overrated attention whore…caught lightning in a bottle, good for him…did he maintain that succes? 45-51 says no…

    amazing two years in and try again…recipe for losers

  5. Marty Mornhinweg next head coach of your Cleveland Browns

  6. How the Hell can Mangini/Daboll have an “agressive, attacking” style of offense when your “weapons” are Hillis, Watson, MoMass, Stuckey, Robiskie, and Cribbs? Don’t forget the swinging gate playing RT. In order for the current Browns staff to move forward with this offense, you need to get playmakers in those key positions. The Browns cannot keep defenses on their heels when they only need to cover 15 yds downfield b/c none of out receivers can get any seperation or they run horrible routes.

    Let’s see what happens when Mangini gets a change of pace back(Hardesty) to offset what Hillis gives this team, let’s see what happens when the rowns get a WR who can extend a D (hopefully J. Jones in draft) let’s see waht happens when McCoy doesn’t have to worry about St Clair, who can’t keep anyone out of our backfield.

  7. Reg,

    I Love R and R one of the best talk shows on our airwaves local or otherwise, but giving Mangini another year after this with a NEW offensive coordinator and possibly a new Defensive Coordinator Ryans ok but thats about it hes average and i think we will see a few very good coordinators looking for jobs the post season both sides of the ball.

    and Reg you yourself said how good Mangini is Wensday to Saturday, He may be making mistakes on sunday but thats where he should be taught by the Hall of Fame coach in the front office, Mr Holmgrem is getting up in age and im sure he would like to not be puttin in 16-18 hours a day if its not a last resort.
    This is not Consitency for the sake of concistency this is how Championship Caliber organizations run, they start with people who know what it takes to win at the top and they teach from the top all the way down to the bottom, they have stability and they know that sometimes making changes to keep media/fringe fans happy isnt the best bet.

    Eric Mangini inheritated a broken locker room and yes he is directly responsible for getting rid of the flash over substance and me before team guys. were all of his choices great? no some where bad some where good. how many teams have had busts in the drafts alot and he had a few. yes he overpaid for Robinski who as of late is starting to look like a solid 2/3 reciever and he is no longer doing the job of talent evaluation for drafts and trades. let him have his last year of this contract and if we arent with a winning record then Holmgrem can say he gave him a fair chance and be honest about it. to himself aswell as the media and fans. i do not remember a single coach that came into a bad team that did not have 204 bad years before turning it around. this team is better than its record not worse than its record like we had in 07.

  8. they are trying to convince the fan base to run mangini… The fan base is actually who is supporting Mangini

    You guys are watching what “running a coach” is all about….

  9. Why is the media spending all day trying to convince the fan base that they know best? Our D was 32 in giving up points last year… now it is 7th. that is beyond a huge jump. Let’s get some new talent on O and see if it improves next year. Who cares if Holmgren is offensive minded… He is also useless when it comes to D. In the AFC North teams are built on D. Pitt and Balt live and breath on D… They often pkay 13 – 10 games. I have no interest in West Coast ball in Cleveland this time of year!

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