It’s Time

By Greg Brinda

Bad news Browns fans. Time to make a coaching change AGAIN!

What else is new in Cleveland? As much as I hate to say it’s time for Eric Mangini to go.

Why you might ask?

Very simply you can’t win in the NFL today with Mangini’s offensive philosophy. And in this league you HAVE to score points.

When two weeks in a row a coach plays not to lose conservative football right before half time because he doesn’t want the other team to get the ball then you might as well end the game there.

You can change offensive coordinators but it’s the head coach who makes the final decision. Mangini is the Tea Party of NFL football. Unfortunately the Tea Party does not run America’s game.

So bring on Mike Holmgren. Or John Fox. Or Jon Gruden. Anyone of these guys will do a better job because they ALL have a clue about offense.

So rejoice fans another off-season of changing the coach. Anything else would be boring!



  1. Why is the media spending all day trying to convince the fan base that they know best? Our D was 32 in giving up points last year… now it is 7th. that is beyond a huge jump. Let’s get some new talent on O and see if it improves next year. Who cares if Holmgren is offensive minded… He is also useless when it comes to D. In the AFC North teams are built on D. Pitt and Balt live and breath on D… They often pkay 13 – 10 games. I have no interest in West Coast ball in Cleveland this time of year!

  2. Someone tell Pittsburgh and Baltimore that they run an antiquated offense, because they obviously have never had success running the ball and playing defense. If you classify Mangini’s offensive philosophy as the “Tea Party” of the NFL, then you can put the two aforementioned teams as well as a number of other teams in that category as well. Hell the Ravens won a Super Bowl that way. It was also the reason the Jets and Bengals did so well last year; running the ball, managing the clock, playing good defense.

    Really Brinda, what wide receivers do you want Mangini to open the game plan up with? In addition, what is conservative of allowing Colt McCoy throw down field numerous times in the Baltimore game. Was it because Colt threw interceptions? Quit insulting our intelligence with this drabble.

  3. You are so right Dan.. they just don’t like Mangini…. I am stunned to be a Clevleand fan and hearing he media talk “West Coast offense” and ignore D all together….

  4. And another thing, can we talk about the obvious double-standard in this city regarding the Cavs and Browns, especially regarding Byron Scott and Eric Mangini. Both teams are on a comparable losing streak, yet only Eric Mangini is being chastised. Why are Gregg Brinda, Michael Reghi and all the other hacks on this station calling for Byron Scott to be fired? Because the team lacks talent? Can’t make that excuse because so do the Browns. They are in a rebuild? Duh, so are the Browns. Byron is a player’s coach, he motivates his players. This statement would actually works against Byron, as his players have shown they are not really motivated while the Browns play hard regardless of what their record is. Byron Scott is in his first year, and you can’t fire a guy in his first year. Yet, you called for Mangini’s head after the first game of last year, and have continued until today.

    Am I saying Scott should be fired? No. I am saying Mangini should be given a chance as well.

  5. They also seem to forget Mangini had 2 winning seasons in NY and made the playoffs. so his system must work. If not for Favre melting down they win 10 or 11 his last year there and is not fired…

    Mangini, also gets the Pittsburgh rivalry somehting no other coach has gottten, he play shard nosed D, the team never has contraversy…..

    they simply don’t like him and want to run him… they just are not man enugh to say that so they come up with dumb stuff

    I am stunned the fans want to keep this guy and media is running him.

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