Say Something… Soon!

By Michael Reghi

Watching the Cavaliers slide completely into the NBA abyss of late has been discouraging enough. 14 losses in the last 15 games, this team has a complete aversion to the defensive end of the floor, which I’m sure has Byron Scott seething, offensively challenged at the all important small forward position, and most dramatically telling…from an athletic standpoint, they are so far below what solid NBA standards demand, it jumps right out at even the casual fan. They have little to no athleticism on this roster. Add all that up, and this is going to be a winter that reveals all those ugly truths.

Okay, we all must deal with that. Here’s where I’m really puzzled. Why an absence of speaking to the fan base from owner Dan Gilbert? Never a shrinking violet when it comes to keeping his fan base up to speed on all things Cavaliers, we’ve heard nothing…zero…from him, or GM Chris Grant, since the night of December 2nd, when he left his courtside seat at halftime, angry, disillusioned, and embarrassed over the way his team rolled over and played dead for ‘you know who’, and the Miami Heat.

As the pockets of empty seats grow more and more obvious each night at Quicken Loans Arena, and yes, I realize they are sold for this season, why doesn’t Gilbert reassure fans he and his basketball staff have every intention of making this team viable once again, and how they’ll accomplish that? It wouldn’t take anything earth shattering, the fan base will buy in, and support him. Puzzling.

Might it be because Gilbert realizes his…”I guarantee you the Cavaliers win a championship before Miami does” proclamation of July, has turned into nothing more then a passionate, rah-rah, let’s shake the pom poms, act of an owner who evidently wanted to sound like a fan?

The horrified look on Gilbert’s face the night of December 2nd, while watching his team trail by 37 points to Miami, told it all. Sobering, to be sure, for an owner who has ventured deeply into his pockets, sparing no expense to bring a championship to this city, only to be slapped soundly into what NBA reality iscan’t win a damn thing with a roster that doesn’t include a mega star, plus an all star or two around him. The Cavaliers have none of those. Not even close.

Dan Gilbert and Chris Grant need to reassure the fan base that will remain with them, they will get more athletic, more offensively potent, and stay young, young, young…while doing so. Lay out the means by which they might have the assets to do that. What can it hurt? Whether its’ attempting to get into the multi team mix to acquire young athletic players, and as many draft picks as possible, in a Carmelo Anthony deal, or otherwise, speak to your fans Cavaliersthey want and need to know.

You may say those empty seats that grow nightly are sold, yet without bodies in them, nothing else is being sold, and that lost revenue keeps multiplying.

The long winter of the Cavaliers basketball discontent will roll along. A few words of reassurance of how it might get better are desperately needed. Soon.


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  1. RIght on, Reghi! The Cavs have a passionate fan base and they’re hoping for any signs of life/hope. I believe in Byron Scott but this roster doesn’t give him the tools he needs. I’m still a big supporter of Gilbert but the front office needs to figure out a way to show they’re committed to winning beyond empty Comic Sans promises.. At this rate, the Cleveland Crush will draw more fans than the Cavs next season.

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