McCoy is Winning the Press Conference

By Aaron Goldhammer

While the focus of Browns’ fans turns to Mike Holmgren’s Monday meeting with Eric Mangini, please allow me to divert your attention for a moment away from the coaching situation and to the quarterback.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to LeCharles and Je’rod during our Browns pregame coverage that I had yet to be convinced that Colt McCoy was a good option for the short and long term. It’s not Colt’s fault, really. He has not played enough games for me to be able to make a good judgment.

Just as I was impressed by the game-tying drive at the end of regulation against the Jets, I was reminded of old pals Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn in home games against the Ravens and Steelers to close the season. Frye numbers in his first five starts? Four touchdowns and three interceptions with a solid completion percentage. McCoy? Three touchdowns and three picks. Hmmmmm…

Almost every mainstream analyst insists that McCoy should get the nod in game number one of 2011. They may be right, but their infatuation with McCoy has only partly to do with football. They are mesmerized with his demeanor at the podium. McCoy is winning the press conference.

Per Tony Grossi’s Twitter account on 12/26/10

“You may not have been impressed w/Colt McCoy’s 3-INT day. You would be w/his post-game comments. Critical and insightful. Very mature.”

I agree with Tony that McCoy seems to have the right attitude about his career. That will only get “boy wonder” so far. Since 1999, Cleveland has seen tons of footballers who can work a microphone, but very few who can get it done on Sundays in the fall.

I’m not saying that McCoy won’t be great and that he’s not the answer. I am saying that Mike Holmgren should strongly consider another veteran QB this off-season…no matter who’s on the sidelines…



  1. You’re an idiot Aaron. What would be the point of a veteran QB to either take snaps away from McCoy or give him unnecessary pressure to perform? I wish you were as insightful as you thought you were. The difference between Frye/Quinn and McCoy is obvious to people who have played and understand the game, not people who think they understand the game only by watching highlights and reading statistics. I’ve listened to your annoying comments, speculations and lack of football intellect, I’d like to challenge you to an on air X’s & O’s battle, with your job at stake. We will have an independent individual draw up a host of offensive and defensive plays, coverages and situations and have both of us break them down. We will see how “qualified” you are to write the stories and make the comments you poison northeast Ohio’s football fans with. I’ll assume a lack of response will not only deny this opportunity for you to prove your worth, but will also show you’re not qualified to make write/speak your garbage.

    • Well put Perch. You know Aaron will just ignore your challenge – that is what he does. Makes his “I was a world class figure skater” type comments and never backs anything up. He is qualified to run a board (with bad, really bad sound levels…just ask Rizz!). He does not care about content just wants to create what he thinks is “good radio”. You know, the kind where he is begging for callers like yesterday when Rizz was out and he was absolutely ripping OSU way more then any national media/personalities did. Unbelieveable…

      At least he is off the bumper music now!!! How about that Tate Forcier will win the Hiesman bs!!?? Shocking!!!

  2. Well Hammer ,great point . Colt does need to show us more, next season is show and prove time for him as a NFL QB, I agree we need a veteran in the fold to help continue to groom him, but not compete for a starting job. I think McCoy should be the starter going into next season without him having to look over his shoulder. But like you said in the above article, We didn’t draft McCoy to be a press conference all-pro, We drafted him to lead this team to and THROUGH the playoffs. I can give a damn about how he does in front of a podium, as long as he performs with that same “poise” and “maturity” on the field.

    • Imagine that, an unpaid (just ask Bacon Brinda) intern sucking up to Hammer…LOL!!!!!! Par for the course – well played intern Joe.

      Too bad most of us will never call Hammer as he hangs up on the majority of the callers that have the patience to wait on hold as he waxes poetic on facials and 14 year old boy bands. No, really! Kind of reminds us of the OLD WKNR that absolutely sucked…check yourself Hammer.

  3. Very good point Hammy.

    Perch, please be realistic. Had anyone other than Aaron or Chris posted this you wouldn’t have jumped all over them. If you contend that you would have been as cynical to anyone that had blogged this then you are only admitting that you are nothing more than Homer Simpson.

    Bringing in a veteran QB, should he provide a better chance of winning this year, or for many to come would do just we need. WIN US MORE GAMES. Veteran does not mean it has to be an end of the road stiff like jake or a career backup like Seneca. Not long ago Philly picked up a veteran that nobody else wanted that will be finishing very well in the league MVP voting and will be good for years to come.

  4. Hammer is right… anyone watch Ryan Mallett? Colt will never, ever be able to do that. Once teams had film on Colt he had 6 picks to 3 td’s…. Gotta draft a QB

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