Two of a Kind… Winners!

By Michael Reghi

Should the expected happen in the next 24-48 hours, and Mike Holmgren is in the business of hiring the Browns next head coach, I dutifully offer up my top two choices…not named Mike Holmgren, and Jon Gruden, who seem to be the overwhelming favorites among Browns fans and NFL observers alike.

As stated on ‘Browns React’ early Sunday evening on ESPN Cleveland, Holmgren would be wise to look in the direction of two highly successful NFL head coaches, those being Jeff Fisher, soon to be fired after a 16 year run in Tennessee, widely acclaimed as one of the top head coaching minds in the game, and Brian Billick, who I campaigned hard for two seasons ago, as Randy Lerner became immediately infatuated with Eric Mangini. A strong 9 season run in Baltimore, his roots on the offensive side of the ball, punctuating his winning

Mike Holmgren is very familiar with both, having competed against them with his Green Bay and Seattle teams, and both coming from versions of his Bill Walsh extended football family.

Fisher, like Holmgren a former USC Trojan, and on George Seiferts San Francisco staff as a defensive coordinator as his career began, and Billick a ‘family’ member as well, having served as long time offensive coordinator in Minnesota with Dennis Green, one of Holmgren’s coaching peers from the Walsh tree in ‘Frisco.

When you advocate a change, you have to something in mind that will be an improvement. Both Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick will do that for the Cleveland Browns. Plenty of head coaching passion left in both, far superior multiple years of NFL head coaching success then Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Romeo Crennel, and Eric Mangini brought to townand the ability, along with Mike Holmgren, and Tom Heckert, to get the attention of this playing roster!

Fisher or Billick will also have the ‘juice’ to bring veteran, credible, successful coordinators with them as their top lieutenants, an area that most of the aforementioned Browns head coaches also failed in.

Lastly, it’s about the division, people…this AFC North, that has been ruled too long by Pittsburgh, Baltimore, (with Billick presiding over that for many of his 9 years on the job) and even a visit or two from the Cincinnati Bengals. It must change, and that beginning has to start now!

Will bring much more to the party regarding both Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick on Afternoon R & R this afternoon, beginning at 3. Will the speculation be reality at that hour? Look for you then.



  1. HA… You run Mangini and then learn no one wants the job… Jeff Fisher?! HA he would never come here. Mangini was our guy, it was going to take time. Now we will get Marty Morninweig… what a waste!

    James Walker stunned Reghi today when he said “No A list coach will come to Clevleland, not enough talent and Pitt and Balt in your division”

    • I love that the no talent excuse will be thrown out when people are stunned that nobody of any value wants to come here. I truth that has been ignored by everyone when they were running Mangini out of town will now be the excuse for Holmgren. Incredible!

  2. Winners? Thats the headline? Winners? I must be mentally challenged then. How again is Fisher a winner when he has been a head coach for 16 full season and had a WINNING record in 6 of those seasons. I’ll repeat that for you. 16 full seasons as a head coach and in six of those seasons he had a WINNING record. That is a winner? Really? Billick you say as well? In 9 seasons as coach of the Ravens he had 4 seasons in which he won 10 or more games. 9 seasons total, 4 of which he actually won 10 or more games. Yes, he did get a superbowl, in his second season, then went on to dominate with exactly ONE playoff win the rest of his tenure there. He’s an offensive genius? Then why did B-mores offense rank # 24,16,14,26,21,31,24,17 & 22 while he was there?

    These two clowns have no business being head coach’s in the league.

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