Holmgren: Browns #1 Fan

By Greg Brinda

In case you missed it. Mike Holmgren on Monday morning became the Browns biggest fan.

Want to know why?

Very simply he’s about winning.

He fired Eric Mangini because the team didn’t win enough games in 2010.

This is what the business and league is all about.

It doesn’t matter if the team gives you hope. It doesn’t matter if the team is somewhat improved. It doesn’t matter if the team was competitive in every game.

It doesn’t matter if we might have found our quarterback or a couple of defensive backs.

It’s about winning and losing and the only thing that appears in the standings are w’s and l’s.

And for those of you who can’t get over the fact the team is looking for a new coach again, the Browns haven’t had a full stadium in years and we don’t need 80,000 any more either.

I hope Holmgren finds his man because he’s not going to stop search until the w’s outnumber the l’s.



  1. Holmgren fired the coach because the fans and media wanted it to happen. Listen to the presser, he gives no good reason to fire the coach other than the record.

    Holmgren may be the Browns #1 fan but I am not his fan. All he showed yesterday is that he could be persuaded into knee jerk reactions by fans and media people trying to drive ratings. It is no better than having Randy Lerner doing the same thing.

    Mangini laid a foundation for consistent, winning play, anyone who cannot see that either refuses or is just an idiot, and a football guy like Holmgren is supposed to be able to see it, otherwise he is worthless. This team was on track to winning and putting fans in the stands, but impatience will mean more 5-11 seasons and more empty seats.

    But go ahead, continue to foam at the mouth for Holmgren.

  2. Brinda you are a hypocrit… so tell us why no one goes to Tribe games anymore… talk about an empty stadium… that place is a graveyard… will you call for Acta’s head too? guy was a loser before he came here and is a loser here…

    it TAKES MORE THAN 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! It did not help that the whole team knew Holmgren was going to dump Mangini from day 1 He kept Mangini becsaue he knew the talent level was ZERO and the schedule was brutal. Next year we will have more talent and the horrible NFC West on the docket

    I have heard th Holmgren speach for 12 years now… they all “are looking for a winner” considering Holmgrne has never hired a coach in his life, and never been a team Pres before why have faith?!

  3. Why have faith? because he has been part of the turn around of 2 franchises. Why have Faith because he is a winner. Mangini was fired because he didnt have the same philosophys as holmgrem. yes it takes more than 2 years to build a team but it shouldnt take 5 years to make good coaching choices on sundays. and that is the reason for numerous losses this season, and the blow out at the end against the steelers

    • Part of two turn arounds as a coach, not GM or President, very different issue and he was horrible as a GM. It also took him more than two years to turn each franchise around, and SURPRISE!, he went 5-11 his first two years as the coach in Seattle. It took an abysmal division for the Seahawks to make any progress, so yeah I am not ecstatic that he is making this coaching decision.

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