Leading Off

By: T.J. Zuppe

  1. Browns President Mike Holmgren

    If there is one thing that I could take away from being in attendance in Berea during the dismissal of coach Eric Mangini, Browns president Mike Holmgren can feel good in one aspect: When anyone is going to make a big decision, they always discuss the phrase “due-diligence.” Holmgren can truly make this decision without feeling it was a knee-jerker. In essence, he performed his due-diligence, sat back, watched from a first-person point-of-view and made his final call on Mangini. At the end of the day, the 10-22 record was just not enough to overcome the difference in philosophy between the president and head coach. But no one can say Holmgren was not fair in his final judgment.

  2. ESPN.com and Scout Inc’s Todd McShay’s early mock NFL draft has the Browns selecting Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green. Clearly, the prognostication will change daily, between now and when the Browns actually select, but it does not make it any less fun to start thinking ahead. No one can dispute the team is lacking playmakers. As far as those go, they do not get any more special than Green. Need more proof? Take a look at this video. You be the judge.
  3. Is anyone as tired of the new catch-phrase, “hot button” as I am? Yes, we got it. It is a button with some form of temperature attached. I would say it has “jumped the shark,” but yet again, so has that phrase. It is clearly time to hit the drawing board.
  4. Cavs Guard Ramon Sessions

    Let me preface the next statement by saying this is certainly not a long-term solution. However, taking in the Cavaliers loss on Sunday night, I saw something somewhat intriguing. In a season that has been full of losing skids, streaks and stretches, a rare occurrence took place. Something actually caught my eye. At two different times in the game, coach Byron Scott went with a smaller lineup, that featured athletic, quick and hustle guys. With guard Ramon Sessions running the point, and forwards J.J. Hickson, Christian Eyenga and Alonzo Gee running on the wings, the Cavs offense picked up its pace. After the game, I asked Sessions about playing with a group of guys that can run, run and then run some more. “It’s great to be out there with those guys,” Sessions said. “Those guys are running hard. You just try to get the ball to them. They make my job easy.” With the team already losing games, maybe playing guys that better suit Scott’s style is the way to roll right now. It will not translate into wins, but it will be 10 times more fun to watch.


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