Glass Half Full Tavern: Sugar Bowl Edition

By: Munch

Ohio State Quarterback Terrelle Pryor - Getty Images

Great BUCKEYE Wednesday morning to YOU C TOWN…YOU know I love YA’ BIG CITY!


BUCKEYES win 31 – 26 and PLEASE, no IGNORANT ASSES please!  I cannot THANK Reghi enough for that line!  BUCKS WIN – got it?  Yeah, these things happened BUT the BUCKS WIN!

* Pryor fumbles near the goal line and 2 Hogs have a shot at the ball…THEY DO NOT GET IT…DANE SANZENBACHER gets it – TD OSU!  He wanted it more!

* Arkansas WR’s drop passes…OSU defenders dropped sure picks!

* Solomon Thomas clinches win with a pick from the DE spot in a ZONE BLITZ!

* Buckeyes D Line MANHANDLED the Hogs O LINE!

* TP2 PASSED and RAN OSU over Arkansas!

* Pryor was a YOUNG MAN and LEADER after the game!  Apologized again and KNOWS HE MUST GROWN UP!  Now, practice it TP2!



Adios Amigos!



  1. …I…O…!!!!!!!!!! Munch “gets it” regarding OSU and always has…a win is a WIN!!! God knows we need something to cheer about on the North coast right about now! Time to start enjoying the OSU basketball team – great inside & outside young team…next game Sunday.
    Thx Munch!

    • Munch, you should know that I had to take my new non-Nissan vehicle to the body shop….some ‘neck in a parking lot scratched it. So they gave me a rental car to drive, but that ended up breaking down. I’m on my 3rd car in four days…..I feel like Terelle Pryor with all these new whips.

      Face it sir….Tressel did not have the stones, nor did the NCAA, to sit the 5 chumps down for the Sugar Bowl. Not only would it cost OSU the game….and they would not have won without them….but it would have cost bowl executives $$$ in terms of ratings, advertising, etc. Remember, it’s all about the money.

      So the next time you hear people discussing Auburn, So Cal, SMU and other corrupt programs, please include The University of Ohio State in the conversation. And while it goes without saying that every program is a little bit dirty, acknowledge that the Vest, even with his clean-cut self-perceived image and constant smirk, is as dirty as it gets.

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