Sanzenbacher and Pryor

By Greg Brinda

I don’t know what kind of football player Dane Sanzenbacher will be in the NFL, but I sure would like to take a chance on him. All this kid does is make plays. He’s not the fastest or the most athletic player on the field but all he does is help his team win. I look for coach Bill in New England to take a shot on him and turn him into a star.

Terrelle Pryor on the other hand has all the athletic ability in the world. He will play in the NFL at some yet unnamed position. His feet are too good not to be effective at another level. I just hope he takes to coaching because that will be the final piece to his puzzle.



  1. I think a team like Indy would take a chance on him too

  2. I think his talent will translate: super hands (maybe Robert Royal was watching?), hustle, great route runner and a very high football IQ. Although Aaron Goldhammer will tell you as he said on the air the day after the game that OSU was “lucky” to get the TD after Sanzenbacher hustled to the ball around a sea of Razorbacks to set the tone early in the game. Rare that I agree 100% with Papa Prune Juice aka Old Man Brinda, but he is dead on here! Well done…

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