Coach or QB Most Important?

By Kenny Roda

As much as Mike Holmgren needs to make the right decision on who the next head coach of the Browns will be, he should hire himself.  It’s just as important that the Browns figure out if Colt McCoy is their franchise QB of the future, or if they need to go looking for one!

It is a quarterback driven league.  The signal callers win games. They’re the highest paid in the sport for a reason!  Look at the 8 teams that are left in the playoffs, 7 out of 8 have a franchise type QB’s: Matt Ryan in Atlanta(1st round pick) Tom Brady in New England(the exception), Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh(1st rounder), Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay(1st rounder), Joe Flacco in Baltimore(1st rounder), Mark Sanchez in New York(1st rounder) and Jay Cutler in Chicago(1st rounder).  Would you take Colt over any of these guys right now?  Do you think McCoy can potentially be better than any of these guys down the road?

So while most people are consumed by who the next head coach will be, call me crazy, but I’m a little concerned about who the quarterback will be.  Aren’t you?



  1. I would take him over Cutler and Sanchez thats it…i hate to say this but i think they are both equally important this time.There are so many scenarios for this topic that they would all run together.I think the most important person is going to be the QB/OC coach next yr.How good of a teacher is those people going to be, are they going to have confidence in Colt? are they going to actually give him a chance even tho he isnt 6’3 or taller,etc etc….so i guess for me get rid of Dabol and bring in a good qb coach and OC,thats what is most important,along with actually give this guy a chance to play and learn and make his mistakes

    • I agree with bigtrav425,
      I would take Colt McCoy over Sanchez and cutler…McCoy would be a stud if he got to play with the talent the bears or jets have. McCoy loves his TEs and those two teams have two of the best TEs in the game with Keller and Olsen.

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  3. I would also say that in addition to being a quarterback driven league, you need to have the coach (or coordinator) who’s system can work WITH that quarterback. I still think Donovan McNabb could be a great quarterback for at least another year or two, but he can’t fit in Shanny’s system. Likewise, Kerry Collins should not be in the league anymore, but he played well because he FIT in Tennessee’s system.

    Agree or not (because it’s just opinion), but I am still a FIRM believe that Brady Quinn could have at least worked out as a mediocre QB in Cleveland. NOT because I am a golden domer OR because I think he was the greatest thing ever, but his skill set was not equal to the system(s) that the Browns ran (and he also had less starts in 3 years than Mark Sanchez had in one…).

    The point is, if Colt McCoy has the right style of offense which is designed for HIS needs … it would be WAY better than any first round pick or even most playoff quarterbacks could do in a system that isn’t right for them.
    Your Thoughts?

  4. 100% agreed. McCoy is a huge question mark. Did nothing within the division to give me hope. Kolb wants out of Philly. Let’s go get him and pair him up with Shurmur or Morningwig and see what happens. Kolb got a rwa deal in Philly but is way better then McCoy right now.

  5. Kenny, with the correct coaching – yes, McCoy can be the signal caller that we are looking for. Nobody wanted to pick him early, due to the “run of the mill” style QB that he was in college. But just as Tom Brady – (late rounder) you can find that diamond in the rough, later on in the dig.

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