No End in Sight

By Michael Reghi

Gotta’ face facts…cold, hard, hit you right where it hurts facts about the pecking order in college football’s BCS world. The Southeastern Conference is the almighty. The high priests. The guys with all the beautiful women on their arms. They live in the penthouse of the sport, and go out and prove with great regularity that NO OTHER conference should even dare to step foot in their neighborhood, let alone try to walk on their block! Yep, the SEC owns the game, and wants everyone to know all about it.

Tough, bitter pill for a consummate Big Ten guy like me to swallow. Hell, I’ve even taken to rally to the cause of the occasional intrusion from the Big 12, (Texas) or the Pac 10, (USC, Oregon) in an attempt to find relief from SEC dominance. It just won’t happen.

Auburn now joins Alabama, Florida, (twice), and LSU, in a run of 5 consecutive SEC BCS National Championships. 7 overall in the 13 years of BCS title matchups. Know what, I don’t see it ending any time soon.

Oregon’s 50 point per game, can’t slow ’em down offense? Yeah right, said Nick Fairley and the strong, swift, and suffocating Auburn ‘d’!

War Eagle defenders said..’we see speed and skill superior to this every week in SEC play’! Can’t argue that!

A sensational performance from Auburn’s ‘d’ held the nation’s leading rusher, Oregon’s LaMichael James to a paltry 49 yards rushing. I was even more impressed with the three Auburn ‘red zone’ stops on Oregon, including the first quarter interception of Ducks qb Darron Thomas.

Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton said it best afterwards. “Our defense did their homework”. We prepared, and knew Oregon hadn’t played against any defense as tough and strong as ours”. Absolutely correct.

The beat goes on Big Ten fans. Yes, it’s real world, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Yeah, Ohio State and Wisconsin have the type of athletes and coaches that can hang with, and beat the top-level SEC squads from time to time. Don’t try to tell me they could do it consistently, cause I’m not buying that. I know what I see. And I see superiority from top to bottom in that conference ‘from down south’. Be happy that Ohio State doesn’t play an eight game SEC schedule year in and year out. You’d see more 4-4’s, and 5-3’s, then 7-1’s. Guarantee it. Run the table on ‘Bama, Florida. LSU, Auburn, Arkansas, and Mississippi State? Throw Georgia and Tennessee on the schedule as they reload? Please…the 6-2, or 7-1 would be the exception, certainly not the rule.

The SEC is thumbing their nose at the Big Ten, Pac 10, Big 12 and everybody else that falls in line below them. Five consecutive national championships. Very sobering to be sure. Time to respond Big 10. Anything to say?

Don’t expect it to change anytime soon. It’s starting to make me angry. You?


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