The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Great SNOWY Wednesday morning to YOU C TOWN…you know I love YA’ BIG are YOU FRIEND?  We need to talk BUT not about the CAVS last night vs the Lakers.  I am still disappointed enough to not want to even fathom – although we know it too well – what actually came down last night in lala-land!

With that said, let’s talk MUSIC!!!  The week I was off between Christmas and New Years actually gave me time to chill and think about some “esoteric things in life”…some little items that ENHANCE the QUALITY of LIFE and one of them is MUSIC, especially playing some LP’s!  YUP, putting wax on the turntable!

Now, I had time to mull over some tunes and I want YOUR FEEDBACK…what are YOUR FAVORITE TUNES of all time?  I agonized over the following, and when the smoke cleared here is what I came up with…

The BEST tune ever is…

* The HIGHWAYMAN written by Jimmy Webb and performed by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson!

Also on my list are:

* IN MY LIFE / Beatles

* SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE / Rainbow w/ Graham Bonnet


* BALL OF CONFUSION / Temptations

* TOUCH OF GREY / Grateful Dead

* SOMEBODY”S CRYIN’ / Chris Isaak

* STREET FIGHTING MAN / Rolling Stones

* 5 O’CLOCK WORLD / Vogues

WHEW – I better stop but fill me in!  Yeah my list is all over the place BUT so am I and it sure beats talking ’bout the BEAT DOWN the Cavaliers suffered last night!

Enjoy every sandwich!



  1. List is pretty good, but most of those artists have better songs.

    Individually, the Highwaymen have dozens of better songs than “the Highwayman” (Cash alone has at least a dozen). Jimmy Webb’s Glen Campbell songs were better, too.

    Best Beatle song: Revolution (rock version, not acoustic and definitely not #9)
    Stones: Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    Temps: Can’t get next to you
    Dead: Truckin’
    Isaak: Graduation Day

    The other artists you listed are good, but not great.

  2. IMPORTANT!! IMPORATNAT?? heck yes it is important! C TOWN is the Rock n Roll Capital of the World! MUSIc along with sports is our LIFE BLOOD!

    • You got it, Munch.
      Music, food and sports are The Holy Trinity of Cleveland culture.

  3. What’s going on -Marvin Gaye
    London Calling- The Clash
    The Weight- The Band
    The Message – Grandmaster Falsh and the Furious Five
    Boom Boom- John Lee Hooker
    The End- The Doors
    That’ll be the day- Buddy Holly and the Crickets

    as for the Dead – Ripple

    • Scott has a dark edge to his tunes–a lot of death and doom. I like it.
      All he needs is a little Johnny Cash.

  4. If music and sports are the “life blood” of Cleveland, I can’t believe the residents haven’t gone extinct yet…..


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