Why Is Shurmur The Right Guy?

By Kenny Roda

So after only three known interviews, Browns President Mike Holmgren has his man.

The decision he called “HUGE” has been made.  Pat Shurmur is the guy that Holmgren thinks can lead the Browns back to the playoffs and maybe to their first ever Super Bowl.  What does Holmgren know that most of us don’t?  Hopefully a lot!  Plenty of coaches have been hired with no previous NFL head coaching experience and have gone on to win Super Bowls. In fact the last 2 Super Bowls are prime examples, with Sean Payton of the Saints and Mike Tomlin of the Steelers.  They were hired by their respective teams because they thought they were the best guys for their team.  I’m hoping that’s why Holmgren has hired Pat Shurmur, because he believes he’s truly the best man for the job.  I hope it has nothing to do with the fact that Shurmur and Holmgren and Tom Heckert and other members of the front office are all represented by the same agent, Bob LaMonte.  You would think that Holmgren’s reputation is very important to him. So after getting the Eric Mangini decision wrong, the Jake Delhomme decision wrong, that he would want to make sure this decision is right.  Lets hope that it is, and that it was made for all the right reasons.  Lets hope that Shurmur was hired because of his ability to call plays at the NFL level and develop young QB’s, and not because his belongs to the Bob LaMonte fraternity.



  1. I think my main issue with this hiring is exactly what you mentioned.That he found his guy after only 3 interviews.thats kinda hard to swallow in my book.It reminds me of what happened with the Mangini and Manny Acta hire.Im willing to give it a shot (even tho i am a lil upset) becasue of Holmgren and Heckert. They had a pretty good draft and off season,with the exception of Jake D of course.My only hope/wish is that they keep Rob Ryan and continue to give him better players

  2. I dunno man…was hoping for someone established to come in and coach next year…

  3. I don’t think any really good canidates want to coach in Cleveland. Too bad you can’t draft coaches.

  4. It may be sad to say but I don’t believe that you could have landed a big name coach in Cleveland. I’m lookin’ forward to see what he can do with Cult.. It looked ugly at times (alot of times) last season but I really think that the browns are right there…More weapons please..

  5. my lord , in the 2 years the the chosen one was in St louis what was their record agian .. he could not get a winning record in the WORST Division in the NFL . Lets bring him to Cleveland because we have not found rock bottom yet but they endevor to get there. this misery will never end

  6. I dont think it’s a matter of no good coaches wanting to come to Cleveland. It’s that there were no good candidates in 2011 to come to Cleveland. Gruden and Cowher weren’t leaving the booth this year, John Fox who has had a rough 2 years in Carolina and a bunch of first time HC candidates.

    Is Shurmer really any better than what the Browns had in place w/ Mangini?

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