I am the Sherminator

By Aaron Goldhammer

Want an expert take on new Browns’ head coach Pat Shurmur? Good luck.

This week on Mike and Mike, two prominent ESPN NFL analysts admitted they didn’t have much of an opinion on the hire. Why? Just like the fans, they don’t know Shurmur that well.

In the end, the Mangini firing was much bigger news for Browns’ fans than the Shurmer hiring. After rumors of Gruden, Fox, and Holmgren on the sidelines, Pat Shurmer, in a word, is anticlimactic; the prototypical unproven coordinator dude.

Most Browns’ fans on the show this morning agreed to implicitly trust Mike Holmgren on Shurmur.  Far be it for little old Hammer to question the Big Show, but I’m not sure that Holmgren has earned that trust.

As a coach, Holmgren deserves your reverence and praise. To be fair, as an executive, there are major questions. His personnel decisions in Seattle often missed the mark. This is his first ever head coaching hire, and he certainly seemed to play it safe.

Only time will tell if Shurmur is more Mike Tomlin or Jim Zorn. Alas, the pitfalls of hiring an unproven coordinator dude. Good luck, Sherminator.




  1. I am horrified with the signing of Pat Shurmur. This is a coach who has won nothing as a head coach on any level, not in High School, College or Pro-Football. The only thing that Pat Shurmer has to offer the Cleveland Browns, is that he shares the same name as his Uncle Fritz Shurmer, the ex-Green Bay defensive coordinator under the great B.S.er, Mike Holgrem. Nepotism doesn’t win championships, but on most occasions it delays and “roadblocks” the pursuit of them. Pat Shurmer as a great coach is only a pipe dream.

    The real winner in this selection is Bob Lamonte. It seems, that with his inside men, Heckert and Holgrem, the Browns were only going to hire the best Lamonte client available. Not Coach Fox, also a client of Lamonte, because he was a sure thing for the Bronco’s. Lamonte needed a place to dump Shurmer, so why not in Cleveland? Nobody else was interested. How Randy Lerner can allow this type of “carpet bagging” take place under his nose, is beyond my comprehension.

    For Heckert and Holgrem to negotiate with their own agent, Bob Lamonte in the hiring process of Pat Shurmur, is a pure conflict of interest.

    It would be very naive for anyone to see this as anything but a “slam-dunk” for everyone involved in this latest scam. Again, it will be the real fans who stand to lose. This hire is not good enough! We as fans should expect something better than a career assistant coach, who is the product of conspired cronyism.

    The signing of Pat Shurmur is nothing more than a money and convenient signing. It’s not about winning anything for Cleveland. Holgrem, Heckert, Lamonte and now Shurmur have done a masterful job in shaking down Randy Lerner. This current hiring is the latest in Bob Lamonte’s feeding frenzy, compliments of the cash cow, the Cleveland Browns.

    in Lorain

  2. I think what is really funny is when Hammer complains about nepotism related to Shurmur being hired. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! We all know why Hammer is working for Craig K. at Good Karma – ask him…he might even tell you! Can’t wait for Rizz to get back Monday!!!

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