Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Great SATURDAY evening to YOU C TOWN…you know I LIVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND??

Before I get rockin’ here on pitt-b’more and Pat Shurmur, I must get something off my chest before I throw up in my mouth MORE…not a little!  I also will suffer the wrath of ESPN Cleveland’s OWN Casey Kulas and T J Zuppe – two DEAR FRIENDS, COMRADES AND BROTHERS OF MINE, but I must state that how in the Makers name can anyone on this radio station refer to a BLOGGER and use this SAID BLOGGER in their show.  What is a BLOGGER?  I know, another news source, idea source, opinion source?  Perhaps the latter two, but to call upon CRED from a Blogger is a cop out, someone “fearing that this blogger or their loser friends will attack you in social media, or just plain laziness”…OK, I’ll add a “B L * # Job” for reasons unknown to me.  Get paid for what you do, then I will pay attention to you. A blogger entitled “Bagel Boy?”  That’s lox, cream cheese, onions on a bagel at Corky and Lenny’s!

Some thoughts on pitt – b’more…

* Who do you root for?  The Taliban or al queda?

* Why do announcers keep servicing Big Ben and Ray Lewis?  One abuses women and one covered up a double murder!

* I do like watching Hines Ward play – he LOVES the game!

* Hey Anquan and TJ – you SUCK!  I catch the passes you dropped with 7 fingers!

* I DO like watching Mike Tomlin – he wants to fight you – YEAH!

* I also loved the hitting!

* I DID want the godless ravens to score on the kick off after the personal foul on Pitt.  YEAH, I despise both teams but it would have shut up the black and gold freaks!

OK, Pat Shurmer….READ MY WORDS…

* Nepotism?  Probably!!  He better work but tell me YOU never took someone on due to you knowing their family?

* Not sure I like Pat calling OFFENSIVE plays so he needs to get HELP in other areas.  REMEMBER, Butch coached a heck of a year in ’02 then took on too many duties…PAT – beware!!!

* Was Mike Holmgren’s name ever on the coaching list?

* WINNING IS #1 for Pat!  Not moral victories, BUT WINNING!  Amen!

REMINDER, watch the Pats – j – e- t – s at STAMPERS in Fairview Park tomorrow!  The local PATRIOTS BRIGADE will be there and I have to ask you this?  Does Sarah Palin have any more credibility than ME when she addresses the country?

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!


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