Time To Back It Up Dan

By Chris Fedor

Of all the owners in this town, Dan Gilbert is perceived as the best and I still have not figured out what that is actually based on.

What is it? Deep Pockets? Fatheads? Him building a great practice arena? Excellent in-game entertainment? A franchise that won a ton of games while it had the most talented player in the NBA? What is it exactly that makes Dan Gilbert the best owner in this town?

It’s very easy to get on twitter and talk about how I should be excited about Manny Harris and some of the other young players on the roster, it’s easy to fire off an anger-filled letter attacking LeBron James, and it’s easy to declare that your franchise will win an NBA title before Miami, but the hard thing is actually doing something about it. Since Dan Gilbert has arrived in town, he has done some pretty good things for this franchise, but the idea of him being the best owner in town is still more hype than substance and his guarantee looks pretty foolish right now.

As the Cavs continue their downward spiral this season and the crowd at the Q starts to get replaced by empty seats, we will all find out what kind of owner Dan Gilbert really is. It’s time for him to back up all of his big talk and do something about the fact that his franchise is now the laughing stock of the NBA.

Does he have the guts to stick it out through this adversity? Did he hire the right people in the front office to turn this mess around? Was it the correct move to fire Mike Brown? The answers to all those questions remain a mystery and we’re all about to find out together what kind of owner Dan Gilbert truly is.

He may very well end up being the best owner in this town, but before I hand him that title I need to see some proof that actually backs up that claim.

And after getting belted by 55 this year, having just 8 wins at the halfway point, and having won just one game combined in the months of December and January, early indications point to him being a great owner for one reason and one reason alone. The same reason why his arena has been packed for the last seven years. LeBron James.



  1. seriously what do you expect him to do? snap his fingers and make michael jordan appear in a cavs uniform? trade for chris paul and dwight howard by only giving up alonzo gee and samardo samuels? the only way this team can rebuild is through the draft, which if you aren’t aware, happens only once a year. We will have the #1 and hopefully multiple 2nd rounders after we deal jamison/anyone on the roster who is wanted. patience is our only option at this point, embrace the losing for now (as we did in 02) and rebuild through the draft (like the clippers are doing now, except we will have the far superior owner). the only thing I think he could do in the immediate future is to DRASTICALLY lower ticket prices, the fans cant still be paying $30 a ticket for nosebleeds to see the worst team in the league. hes an honest man doing his best for the fans. I found it funny how you offer no suggestions in this article either and that my comment is a better read than your whining article, what are your brilliant ideas? complain more until a magic basketball fairy grants us kevin durant?

    • Excellent response and on point. All of the critcism of Dan Gilbert is unfair and unjust.. As an owner of a franchise, the only thing that you can do is put the proper resources in place so that your personnel and front office can make sound decisions. He did that with Danny Ferry and we have no reason to believe that he won’t do that for Chris Grant. Give him some time. There is nothing that he can do. How soon we forget all of the positives that he has done as an OWNER. He does not choose the talent on the team nor play basketball. Use reason and logic people before you bash someone when times get tough.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chris Fedor, ESPN Cleveland. ESPN Cleveland said: ESPN Cleveland Blogs: Time To Back It Up Dan… http://bit.ly/ebGLPe #Cavs […]

  3. Gilbert may not be that great an owner, but compared to the Lerners and the Dolans, he’s a genius. He gets the title belt because, in Cleveland at least, the competition is nonexistent.

  4. AllTheseAnswers is correct. Gilbert wins the title by default. Picking on Gilbert this year is a bit unfair, Fedor. Take a look at what happened to the Bulls when Jordan walked. It will take several years to fix this now. I am not going to pass judgment on the guy until we see what he does to fix this, and I am not going to hold those post-LBJ “Decision” comments against him. Need a good pick in the draft and a trade or two for now – then go from there.

  5. Gilbert is doing what needs to be done at this point. Try and sell the young players on the current roster and make moves to get numerous draft picks. It’s not easy to get FA’s when your biggest one held off on letting anyone know what his plans were and when he did, most FA’s had signed on elsewhere. They couldn’t go after a big name b/c the roster has always been built to compliment James. Building up picks and making good use of the trade exemption could help this franchise sooner than later.

    The first comment hits the nail on the head. Fedor offers no solutions just spouting off his opinion. Good luck trying to engage in a friendly debate b/c he and most of the other KNR personalities can’t debate so as not to look bad by listeners or readers who may actually know more than they do.

  6. I understand that Gilbert is a great guy and has done nothing but good for this city but something needs to be done with this team! Loosing and getting poised to earn the first draft pick is one thing but what we are seeing on a night to night basis is down right embarrassing….. its sad to think that we started what… 7 and 9 i mean seriously we only now have 8 wins! Chris is right that he needs to get something done! Everyday on ESPN Cleveland is being made fun of i just don’t see how he can just sit there and let this all happen!

    In addition Dan Gilbert obviously did something wrong in not making our team the best option for Lebron to stay around

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