The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

GREAT Saturday morning to you C know I LOVE AND LIVE YA’ BIG are you friend?  WE gotta share some stories…

…I got up “early” for a Saturday but sleepin’ in for me (around 6a) and just awhile back I sent my son off to take his SAT!  WHOA…I do remember taking mine!  At Solon High School our two closest choices were Shaker or Bedford, and been though Bedford WAS closer, we HAD to go to Shaker!  Now remember, this is THE “SAT”…BUT YES, we went to Shaker as the young women were better looking!  PRIORITIES FRIEND, PRIORITIES!

Yes, many of us struggle when the stillers play the godless ravens, and it shakes out that we take a deep breath and want b’more to win, even tough they should NOT exist, so I had a “BRIEF, YES, BRIEF” moment wondering about pitt vs the J-E-T-S as Rex Ryan may be the biggest blow hard  in the NFL but…they sure stopped Tommy Brady and the Pats so…FLY HIGH WITH THE J-E-T-S!

I was sitting in a WARM “GRILLED” restaurant in Avon Lake last night with my daughters and one of their friends having a grilled cheese and tomato soup (YES, my FAVORITE LUNCH when I used to walk home from St. Henry as we HAD to go home for lunch if we walked to school!!!) when a gent walked in to some carry out.  As he walked out, he looked back at me and noted “MUNCH, ANYONE BUT PITTSBURGH!” and yes indeed, that sums it up!  Thanks to my new friend for the wisdom!!  (Check out GRILLED – Walker and Rte 83 in Avon Lake.  Off to the side in the back, but worth finding!)

Also, when talking BUCKEYES in the games, IGNORANCE PREVAILS, yes, shear STUPIDITY REIGNS, when I hear “Vernon Gholston” has done allot for the Jets!  He has done squat, but NICK MANGOLD just may be the best center in the NFL bringing toughness and smarts to the center of that O Line and SANTONIO HOLMES?  Big catches his WHOLE CAREER (in addition to trying out for the new Cheech and Chong flick, or is that the new Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dog video!!) who has won AT LEAST 4 games for NY this year!  Yup, other Buckeyes making impacts in the playoffs too!

As for the Bears vs the Pack…too much fun!  WHY?



(As I said to my 11 year old last weekend watching DA BEARS..this IS football!)




…and yes, Mrs Munch’s Polish fam is from the south side so…GO BEARS!

I plan on seeing you at the CSU game today – tip off at 2p!  GO THE GAME – THE WOLSTEIN CENTER ROCKS and so Gary Water’s Vikings!  Yeah, you may check out the BUCKEYES – Illini on ESPN CLEVELAND before and on the way down!

Enjoy every sandwich!

Adios Amigos!



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