We’re Kind of Pathetic

By Greg Brinda

So here’s where we stand.

We have a football team with a new coach and back-to-back 5-11 seasons.

We have a baseball team that has traded back-to-back Cy Young Award winners and has delivered two straight 90-loss seasons.

And our basketball team has gone from a 60 win possible champion to the worst team in the league.

Now we want the basketball team to keep on losing so we might have a chance to get the number one draft pick this summer.

So I guess we want to reward the basketball team that didn’t do enough when Lebron left, that quit the night Lebron came back, that has a coach who can’t get through to his players and an owner that has gone hiding in the bunker.

And fans think hoping losing gets things turned around.


Meanwhile the Steelers are in the Super Bowl and we’re hoping for 7-9 in 2011.

And who knows what’s going to happen with the baseball team?

You see it’s so bad I can’t even mention the team’s names!!!!!!!



  1. Brinda should get some sort of Broadcasting Award.

    He did nightly postgame shows for a 90 loss baseball team, and is now doing nightly post game shows for a 60+ loss basketball team. That’s over 150 losses over a 12 month span. I doubt any other broadcaster in sportstalk history can make that claim (Pete Franklin didn’t do Cavs games during the Stepien days).

    He should get a “Courage Award” for making such a sad situation listenable. Perhaps the plaque should be shaped like bacon.

  2. No, I see it the other way around. Brinda has become unlistenable as the stations designated “mop up guy”. He earned that spot by becoming a stale bitterman. If you call in and try to have an intelligent conversation with him, he will hang up on you, rip you for a myriad of reasons and mention that you live in your mother’s basement. Then we get to hear him cackle at his own comments, listen to his endless pregnant pauses and are just left to wonder how he does well on station surveys (according to top man Craig K.).

    We will all shoulder on and hope our Cleveland teams can bounce back as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you would think WKNR in general, the radio home in Cleveland, of the #1 college basketball team in the country, might actually discuss the team once in while. Instead all we get is Hammer ripping OSU and looking for reasons to tear down the team while Rizzo exclaims “Aaron” over and over. Nice…

  3. Regarding the Cavs: Whats the alternative? Hope we don’t get the #1 draft pick? Stop watching? I like basketball and want to see the Cavs succeed and the best way for them to do that is through the draft.

    Regarding the Indians: Really, what do you expect with the Indians? They are going about it the right way to get back into contention given their circumstances. Is it perfect? No. Does it suck as a fan? Yes. But you need to look at the structure of the league and blame that before you blame the Indians for trading players they had no chance of resigning for prospects who, in a few years, will be essential to a competing team. You can point to Tampa Bay and the Twins as team that consistently do it right, but Tampa Bay is going through what we did in 2008, losing their talent to wealthier teams and the Twins are the Indians of the 90’s; new stadium, huge revenue, consistent competition for a decade or so, fall off into what we are now. Each team has its own context in an overall unfair and lopsided system. Yes the Indians could draft better, and I think they have noticed this and are taking steps to do so, but drafting is not their ultimate problem. The Yankees are not good just because of their drafting.

    Regarding the Browns: You bemoan the fact that we have a new coach, yet are part of the same media that ran the former coach out of town when there was noticeable progress being made. Can’t have it both ways. And why can’t we hope for more progress, solid organizational structure, solid drafting, and this team can be much better next season.

    Really, I don’t understand why we are pathetic. I enjoy watching sports because it is fun and hope my team do well. Are there bad times? Yes, and this seems like a particularly bad time. But that is what being a fan is all about (taking the good with the bad) and my self worth is not connected with the performance of my sports teams.

  4. Somebody please start talking about taking Sullinger w/ the #1 Pick. PLEASE!!!!

  5. Am I the only one out here who thinks Sullinger could be the Cavs answer, next year??

  6. I read the title of this blog and just assumed Brinda was reading the ‘KNR lineup.

    Nothing wrong w/ rooting for the #1 overall in a wasted season, however it’s not the right season to be there w/ by the looks of those coming out for the draft. I do believe that the FO is doing the right thing and collecting draft picks that can be used to infuse young talent and be used in future trades. The rebuild needs to start somewhere.

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