Little Things Mean A Lot

By Je’Rod Cherry

The decision by the Green Bay Packers to let players on Injured Reserve appear in the team Super Bowl photo was a smart move. By doing this they avoided an employee morale nightmare.

Here’s why: Owners walk a fine line between making money and showing that they care for the players.

In order to succeed players must buy into the idea that their coaches and/or owners really care. Thus when something rears its ugly head to suggest that it is all about the money players take issue with it internally and resent it.

The irony is that professional football players are professionals and paid to render a service. So why the complaints when actions by coaches and ownership show that the money is more important than a player’s comfort, security, happiness, and well being?

Its really quite simple in that money cannot buy you love and it cannot buy you championships. You will always get more out of players, (and any employee) when they feel that you care and you see them as more than a means to make money.

I have seen ownership’s decision to give players’ families less room on planes and fewer premium Super Bowl seats, so that season ticket holders or business partners are indulged. This causes a raucous that in my opinion caused a major distraction and played a factor in a Super Bowl loss!

The last thing a team can afford to have when they are equally or closely matched with their opponent is a distraction. Their concentration needs to be on X’s and O’s game preparation factors!

In essence the team that can limit the distractions when teams are closely matched stands a better chance of winning. Look at past Super Bowls. When there are distractions publicized, that team has lost.

Thus as preparations continue for the Super Bowl no one would think that a team picture can derail a march towards greatness; Yet stones on tracks and nails on streets have been known to impede progress. Having been down the road to Super Bowl success, I realize that if you want to win limit the distractions, because the little things mean a lot!


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