Just Get Along

By Je’Rod Cherry

As I write, battle lines are beginning to be drawn up in the NFL.  The opponents are not who you may think. This battle is civil, teammate vs. teammate, union brother vs. union brother.

Emerging leaders or voices of this civil battle appear to be Antonio Cromartie of the New York Jets representing the faction I call “day to dayer’s” and Quarterbacks Drew Brees from the New Orleans Saints and Matt Hasselbeck from the Seattle Seahawks, representing the other faction in this civil conflict I have named “The Long Term Perspector’s.”

As of yet the biggest player names in pro football Manning and Brady are pulling a Switzerland and remaining in all cases regarding labor, neutral. Now back to the story.

There are two prevailing attitudes that permeate the NFL locker room. The first group, the “Day to Dayers”, live literally by the seat of their pants soaking up pleasure and living the “High Life.” Money is no object. The mind set is “I get it, I spend it.” Caution is thrown to the wind. In essence these players lives are a caricature of late 90’s early 2000’s Jay Z rap lyrics and videos, where it’s all about flashing the bling and late night swings. These players in my opinion are poster children for life imitating art.

Now “The Long Term Perspectors” is distinct from the “Day to Dayers” in that this group is regarded as the more “responsible” party. Key characteristics of this group are that they plan for tomorrow and a life after football. Since we have the Jay Z theme working, you can call the “Long Term Perspectors” the late 2000’s persona of Jay Z in which they are a “business man.”

While the civil strife is brewing amongst the players, “The Long Term Perspectors” focus is more so on the potential “war” with NFL ownership.

“Long Term Perspectors” view the NFL ownership as an organization that is attempting to exploit labor and not pay labor its “fair market value.” Thus, “Long Term Perspectors” strategy in the potential “War” against NFL Owners is to sit it out, if compromises can not be made, with the hope that stop of play will force ownership to recognize that their relationship with players is symbiotic. Therefore compensation should therefore reflect an equitable split of profits.

The reason why battle lines are being drawn between players is due to “Day-to-Dayers” and “Long Term Perspectors” conflicts of interest. You see, counter intelligence has been gathered, and it has been reported that “Day to Dayer’s” cannot afford nor their day-to-day lifestyles sustain a lock out! Hence, It may be more appropriate to term this group check to check.

If you’re NFLPA union leader Demaurice Smith all is not lost. There may be room for a compromise with in your organization as you prepare to engage in “War” with the NFL Ownership.  Both  “Day-to-Dayers” and “Long Term Perspectors” want more, rather than less, in regards to what NFL Ownership is currently offering.

Yet, it is of the opinion of this reporter and other credible sources that the “Day-to-Dayers” continual over indulgence in material possessions and sex will ultimately derail any truces or compromises reached with in the NFLPA if a lock out lasted over a month.

“Day-to-Dayers” over indulgence lifestyle requires money and a constant cash flow, and a lock out would obviously stop the flow of cash from coming in.

Who will win this internal battle within the NFLPA and compromise or fight with NFL ownership, if a lock out proceeds? Statistics suggest based on the numbers that the “Day-to-Dayers” are the majority, and would likely give more and take less from ownership.

For the sake of football fans across the world let us pray that there is no labor war in the NFL and all parties can in the immortal words of Rodney King “just get along!”


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