Pro Bowl Solution

Final thoughts on the Pro Bowl: It’s really quite simple why players do not take the Pro Bowl seriously. For starters, being recognized as a Pro Bowler is bigger than the game itself. In addition, the game is a serious pay cut from a financial standpoint for the majority of the players participating. According to reports, the winners receive $45,000 while the losers receive $22,500. Most players in the Pro Bowl make double these amounts per quarter during the regular season

With no financial motivation and no consequences for players playing with little effort, what can the NFL do to make the game better?

I suggest the NFL go old school. Take a group of college all-stars that have something to prove and pit them against the NFL Pro Bowlers. The nature of the game will change drastically because all parties involved will want to prove that they got it or still have it! Just imagine the hype that would come from this game. That alone would force all players to show up because they would not want to be embarrassed on national television.

As the competition for entertainment dollars increases the NFL would be wise to repair a chink in its armor. It’s time to put out a better product than the current Pro Bowl. As contracts move towards players having most of their contract money guaranteed, who’s to say the lack of interest in competing in the Pro Bowl won’t spill over into the regular season? Or even worse, the most sacred NFL playoffs?


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