Quick Thoughts

I thought everyone would worry about the Super Bowl being in New York and the possibility of cold and snow. Well! Welcome to Dallas.

This might not sit well with some but there is a distinct possibility that the Cavs will NEVER win a Championship. Mark this down. The Indians will be back in the post season before the Cavs.

Nothing less that 7-9 will be acceptable for the Browns next season. 8 and 8 would be better.

Sorry, the Steelers will win another Super Bowl.

The Cavs on the other hand will win two games in February.

I know we will all watch the Super Bowl. I won’t watch most of the previews. How many times can you break down the game?

You will buy Cavs season tix next year because: fill in the blank_____________.

Does the NBA know that if there is a work stoppage next season life will go on? Just ask the NHL.

Finally just remember after reading this, we are one day closer to the end of the Cavs season.



  1. Way to go out on a limb there, the indians will be in the po before the Cavs. That’s like saying Munch will have his own show during drive time before you do……oops.

    Well until each front office is able to assess and aquire the necessary talent needed, none of them will win the ‘ship. We GET IT, the Cavs are terrible. At least they’ve acknowledged that the whole things need to be blown up and rebuilt. They’re also going about it the right way by collecting draft picks. It’s up to the FO to get the right players in here.

    So you’re saying that you are expecting a first yr HC, with not so much talent surrounding him, to finish near .500? Is the FO gonna fill those holes this off season? (OL, DL, LB, Secondary, WR, etc)

    • Well put Scott…I think you said it all in the first paragraph above…freakin’ hilarious! Munch is a pro’s pro – always has been and I think he always will be. Show prep, very knowledgable, and loves the NE Ohio area and the people.

      Bacon Brinda – not so much…never has and never will like the people. He got bitter before his time and is only getting worse by the month. That is why the so called “hall of famer” is a mop up guy on an all sports station. Far in away the lowest credibility radio personality in NE Ohio.

      Loves hanging up on fans that don’t agree with him, laughs like a fool at his own comments, the pregnant pauses, rips his own interns for not being paid, and on and on. The only thing I can think is he has compromising photos of someone major at the station. No other way to explain it…tons of young talent ready to go at WKNR: Fedor, TJ, etc. Maybe he is still on the air because all they have to do is pay him in Bacon and he will fill in on all the shifts nobody else wants?!

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