Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

(It’s still a) GREAT SATURDAY afternoon to YOU C TOWN…you know I LOVE and LIVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are you friend?  Let’s talk about…

…the CSU Vikings!  CSU was so aggressive Thursday vs Valpo and not sure where that went again today!  WHERE WAS THE DEFENSE?  So cool and WAY TO GO FANS packing the Wolstein Center but gotta ask:

* Did the believe too much hype about themselves?

* Did YSU beating Butler Thursday make CSU think they just needed to be there?

* Did the bright lights cause them to forget their lines?

No matter what, this was NOT GOOD for CSU as a program in winning friends.  The FANS will always be there!  They will bounce back BUT MUST WIN IN THE TOURNEY or after thought, here we come again!!

Look at the WIN over WAKE in the NCAA’s!  What did it do?  SADLY NOTHING for the “so called fans.”  C’mon people, WAKE UP!  You have a great coach and fun  team but bottom line on this one…the VIKINGS NEEDED TO WIN AND DID NOT.  Cool that we are talking about it, writing about it and bemoaning the loss BUT a WIN was needed to keep the FAN BASE ROCKIN’.  Now, most of them will be reelin’!  MY glass is half full, but my first thoughts when the game is ended…DANG, ANOTHER LOSS FOR THE CITY AND ONE OF OUR TEAMS WHEN A WIN TRULY WAS NEEDED.

I’m bummed and tonight we get to see the CAVS set the NBA record for most losses in a row.  DANG!  I do not like the pain and yes, this hurts!

Enjoy every sandwich.

Adios Amigos,



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