Super Bowl 45 – Tweets and Thoughts

By Kenny Roda

Am I Disappointed? Yes, but that’s sports. U win some (6 Super Bowls) & U lose some

(2 Super Bowls). U just hope your team keeps giving U the chance 2 play in them.

Green Bay Went Roda & New England on Pittsburgh to Get the Win!

They spread the Steelers out on defense & threw the ball like you should

if you want to beat the Steelers and they did.  And because of that,

Mike McCarthy out coached Mike Tomlin.  Most coaches try and run the ball

too much & lose. McCarthy said screw that, we’re throwing it & throwing it

and then we’re going to throw it some more!

(Packers 50yrds rushing, 2nd fewest by a Super Bowl winner)(Rams-SB34)

(39 passes – 11 runs – 2 kneel downs, so they threw on 78% of their plays)

(James Starks 11r-52yrds-0td-14lng)(Rodgers 24-39-304-3td-0int)(2 kneel downs)

This loss falls on two players for Pittsburgh, Roethlisberger & Polamalu.

You expect both of them, or at least one of them, to make big plays or at least

one big play with the game on the line, but neither one did.

Middle of the field was open for Steelers as the Packers were taking away the edges and Roethlisberger didn’t see that and waisted a great match up in Heath Miller(2c-12yrds)

Right behind those 2 would be Rashard Mendenhall his fumble in the 3rd qut.

At the Packers 33 yard line, down 21-17 was the game changing play and the

Momentum changer that Green Bay needed. Credit Clay Mathews for that one.

(Mendenhall- 2fumbles in 16 regular season games – 2fumbles in 3 post season games)

Aaron Rodgers in 4 post season games this season & they were all on the road:

QB rating of 110.7 – 9td – 2int – 273ypg – 68.7% comp

Christina Aguilera was awful & screwed up the words to the National Anthem

she was the only one who had a worse game than Big Ben or Polamalu & she looked like Cindy Lauper. The Black Eyed Peas were almost as terrible at halftime, off pitch & trying too hard! Fergie looked good though!

The Unsung Hero, there’s always a guy who you don’t expect, that plays

Above his normal game and that was Jordie Nelson.  Yes he dropped a

Pass or two, but made up for it with a huge game (9Rec-140Yrds-1TD)

I thought the commercials were weak, if I had to pick a favorite it was the one with the kid who was Darth Vader, I don’t remember who it was for, but it was funny & Rossane getting smashed in the Snickers spot & Cram It In The Boot.  Also how sweet does the new KIA OPTIMA LOOK?  I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO DRIVING ONE OF THOSE FROM BILL DORATY KIA!

The 400 fans who paid & didn’t have seats last nite reportedly were offered a refund of

Triple their ticket price($2400), got to go on the field post game, free merchandise, free food and drinks and free Super Bowl 46 tickets!


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