The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Great Wednesday afternoon to YOU C TOWN…you know I LOVE and LIVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?

I need to share something with you…an observation I made and yes, I do MARCH to the BEAT of a DIFFERENT DRUMMER one in which I usually am the only person to pick out the beat!  Now, SPEAKING OF DRUMMERS “IF” you had a drum solo to choose, would it be IRON BUTTERFLY’s “In-a-gadda-da-vida” or CREAM’s “Toad”? See..there I go!

I was sitting in Top Man Sam Pine’s office yesterday and he has a picture of Brian Sipe on the wall.  The SIPER is in the pocket and getting ready to unleash a pass, but where is the ball?  Not at the ear hole of the helmet ala Namath / Unitas / Marino but way back like a pitcher ready to toss and I thought “Dang, he’s winding up to throw a deep ball!”  It hit me, isn’t that what Colt did when the colder weather set in on the Lakefront?  Man, when that ball is at the ear hole, it comes flyin’ out – bang, bang, bang BUT I must say, except for a REAL BAD DECISION to force the ball into Ozzie Newsome vs the Raiders Mike Davis, Brian Sipe had a pretty darn good career with the Browns and IF COLT can duplicate that career WITH OUT a “Pick in the Playoffs (!!)” we all will be happy!

Had to share that with you!

Enjoy every sandwich!


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