The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Mark “Munch” Bishop

Great Thursday morning to YOU C know I LOVE and LIVE YA’ BIG CITY…how are YOU FRIEND?  I need to talk…to the Cavaliers and yes, I/we have questions and issues!!  “YOU” of course in the inquiries below is the Cavs!

Austin Carr joined me today during Munch in the Morning and echoed my sentiments…HOW CAN YOU BE 8 – 44 GOING INTO A “WINNABLE” GAME AND NOT SHOW UP?

How can you be 8 – 44 and believe any hype there was that not only would you beat the Pistons, BUT all you had to do was be at the Q!!!!

How can you allow other teams to drive to the hole with impunity?


How can you NOT play with a sense of urgency?

How can you constantly allow the other team to get between you and the basket?

DANG…that’s about all I can say!

BROWNIES dumping some $$ (19 million) and players as.3 former Jets (Bowens / Barton / Coleman) plus BABY, St. Clair and Hands of Stone Robert Royal have been cut!  Now, BOWENS can help this team or any team in the locker room and off the field as a coach (but that will not happen here) and weren’t these former J-E-T-S brought in due to Mangini Paranoia and the STALAG 76 vibe that permeated Berea his first year!  Most callers / texters / tweeters / emailers of Munch in the Morning noted that Eric Wright should have been included and the team gave up too soon on BABY!  TOO SOON??  He played THREE plays last year and retired without telling anyone!

This is not so much a YOUTH movement as it is a movement to get players WHO CAN PLAY!  Great approach!


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