Great Cleveland Sports Awards Brings Back Great Indians Memories

By: Kenny Roda

I had a great time at the 2011Greater Cleveland Sports Awards Thursday night.

It is a well run event and shows how great of a sports city Cleveland, Ohio is.

1997 American League Champion Cleveland Indians

Congrats to all of the award winners and the nominees, well deserved. But my highlight for the evening was seeing members from the 1995 and 1997 Cleveland Indians, who were honored at the event.

Mike Hargrove was there, the manager who never got enough credit. Kenny Lofton was there, the best leadoff hitter to ever wear an Indians uniform.

Brain Anderson was in the house, the local kid who got to fulfill his dream of playing for the Indians in the World Series. Chad Ogea made the trip, the guy who would have been MVP of the 1997 World Series had Jose Mesa not blown the save in the bottom of the 9th inning against the Marlins.

And Jim Thome showed up, the guy who said he would never leave the Indians and did.  Sorry that’s how I’ll always remember him, as “Traitor Jim”.

Regardless, it brought back some great memories of two remarkable seasons that didn’t end in a World Series title, but was full of some of the greatest Indians baseball a lot of us have ever seen.

Here’s hoping that we don’t have to wait 40 more years like many did before, to have those type of summers again and to create those kind of memories.  Lets hope this time the result is different, ending with  World Series title!



  1. Really? Still blaming Mesa solely for that loss? Fernandez gets a pass for his boot, Hargrove gets a pass for keeping Wright in one batter too long(Bonilla), Alomar for not hustling while trying to score from 3rd on an infield dribbler to get an insurance run? There was much more that contributed to that loss than Mesa.

    • Good points – but I am glad Kenny wrote a nice article recapping the event.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Kenny Roda and JRosz, ESPN Cleveland. ESPN Cleveland said: ESPN Cleveland Blogs: Great Cleveland Sports Awards Brings Back Great #Indians Memories […]

  3. Hey Scott…I agree. There is enough blame to go around for losing the 97 series. Get off Mesa! It’s a shame that nobody remebers his record setting yr in 95 or the way he pitched us into the World Series in 1997 in game 6 against the O’s! Dude was the only lock down closer we’ve had in this town since Doug Jones. I know..I watched JoBo’s saves in 2007. He did it with smoke and Mirrors. Joe Table was lights out!!! People in this town need to move on. Everybody has forgiven Ernest Byner. Why can’t we give Mesa credit for what he did here? We would not have been in the 95 or 97 without him!!!!

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