The Glass Half Full Tavern

Gotta talk about he HOLY WAR ON THE HARD WOOD! (Dang, I should service mark that for swag!!) Too much fun last night (OK, except for the result as I have “blood” at Wildcat High) as I took my youngest son Chris and Reghi and his “guy” (My Road Dog Cal) took in the action from the FRONT ROW!

I love sitting court side at HS Hoops games as you “feel it,” you get touched by the picks/screens, see the crisp passes, bodies bangin’ and the effort that each team puts forth!

Bottom line in this 73 – 65 Ed’s win…PRESSURE D! In the first half the Wildcats seemed to always find an open man under the basket as when you trap the ball, many times with 3 Eagles, someone WILL be open under the hoop. Coach Flan’s Clan REALLY notched it up in the 3rd, just not on the ball coming up court, but when Iggy got into their offense, as the Eagles swarmed the ball from every way INCLUDING loose!

More thoughts on the game, players, coaches and officials…

* I LOVE the St. Ed student section. Up on the stage, chanting the EAGLE mantra and various other words of wisdom to keep their team fired up!

* Pre game as Seniors were honored I noticed \by city of residence (Avon Lake) was well repped as ballers Kyle Pisco and Kevin Seaman came out along with cheerleaders Ms. Warns and Ms. Selders! OK, I know times marches on but wasn’t it yesterday that Kyle and Kevin were hooping it up for St. Joe’s Vikings in Avon Lake??

* Coach O’Toole WAS as calm as I have ever seen him. Some may not agree, but take it from me. Sean had a great game plan (did you see his ‘cats vs Harding) but the players MUST value the ball.

* Coach Flannery continues to stay even keeled and makes sure the PRESSURE STAYS. Love his subs!

* Elijah Brown can stroke but for now, I would FORBID him to drive to the hole. Totally out of control and no matter who his Dad is, that does not mean you can go crazed to the basket! Sweet shot, “J” workin’…that’s ELIJAH as he buried a TREY from the left corner, right corner and again, left corner as the Eagles pulled away.

* Charles Farris was the straw for Ignatius last night as he displayed toughness and after an early air ball, the crowd was relentless on him!

* Jack Tupa played another one of his solid games for the ‘cats too!

* Two young men needing more props for the EAGLES are Mark Murray and Kyle Pisco. Mark had 8 points AND made some big baskets in the paint while Kyle Pisco continues to DAZZLE! The sharpshooter also plays relentless DEFENSE and will go to the hole to dish or lay the rock in if needed!

* Two ? marks I have are the following:

– The Eagles Miles Hamilton is intense and can PLAY, oh boy, he has game, but MILES – worry more about playing than throwin’ down every time bodies band AND

– Shonn Miller from the ‘cats had one of the softest 12 point games I have witnessed in a long time. At 6’7″ he should be in the middle of things and simply was not. We did not see the silky smooth J until the 4th qtr and the only drive he took was vs Ed’s subs! Not sure if his preseason injury was acting up or not!

* GREAT officiating last night too with the crew led by Jimmy D’Amato, who has been on the hardwood 21 years! Great comment from one of the boys behind me last night was “Jimmy will not call a charge unless the defenders feet are UNDER the floor boards!”

SUPPORT THE CSU VIKES TODAY! Gary’s guys at 2p vs YSU then Kate’s gals after vs BUTLER, and we ALWAYS want to beat Butler plus the young women are wearing pink unis to draw attention to the fight against Breast Cancer. These uniforms will be auctioned off too!

I am off to coach a 5th grade game at St. Jude’s Elyria I(NOON) then see you at the Convo!

Enjoy every sandwich (OR Dollar Dog at the CSU game)!



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