Glass Half Full Tavern

By: Munch

Some things on my mind on this glorious Sunday…

Wisconsin Handed Ohio State Their First Loss Of the Season

* How did the Buckeyes get complacent with the 15 point lead yesterday in Madison?  Bo was 149-11 going into that game at home OR were the Badgers the team that were JUST NOT going to be denied!

* Hoops are a game of runs.  Thad Matta knows that!  Bucks went on theirs and I KNEW Wisconsin had one in  them!

* WOW!  Cannot say enough Sullinger’s TREY with the clock winding down!  Not enough, but $$$!!!

* Am I flippin’ like so many Buckeye Red Necks about the loss?  Heck no, in fact, I felt this one coming as I noted during the week.  I also tell you daily “in College Hoops, on any given day or night MORE SO THAN IN ANY OTHER SPORT” any team can win!

* Quick note on Glenville’s Cordale Jones, and of course NOW THE BUCKEYES CORDALE JONES…love ya’ young man, but why OSU?  You will not see the field with regular conditions until 2015!  I do not understand why some at my station TODD BOECKMAN for doing EXACTLY THIS but are praising Cordale!!  OH, I know…Tress did this, not Coop so it is OK!!  You know JT is one of my guys, but also remember he won it all with 19 of Coop’s guys!  Now, YES, I support JONES, but again question it!

* WOW – Cavaliers a different team with Mo Williams out there!  Win tonight!  Here is a blockbuster statement – it is better to win!!!  LOL!

* Norris Cole defeated YSU yesterday at the Wolstein “with a little help from his friends!”  WOW is all I can say!


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