A Letter To Byron Scott

By: Munch

Dear Coach Byron Scott,

Cavs Coach Byron Scott

I should not care, really, about the CAVALIERS as it is OBVIOUS they don’t care and PLEASE, COACH SCOTT, I respect the fact that with Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Grant disappearing (although I DID SEE Chris at the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards Thursday!) YOU are fielding all the inquiries about the team and organization BUT  when you tell me the team was sleepwalking and the effort was ridiculous AND you are still trying to figure them out, I must state “THIS IS ON YOU!:”

YOU are the last person to fire them up when they leave the locker room RIGHT BEFORE THE GAME and if the open to the game does not fire them up, they should not be here!

How can you allow Boobie Gibson to rep our team and city when he scores 2 points last night?  Tell him he does NOT deserve to go to the game on the NBA’s dime! We are also tired of NO DEFENSE and players driving the paint with impunity!  STOP THE MADNESS…this is on you!

Why did the Wizards come out like this was a playoff game last and yours team rested on their laurels (LOL) of a VICTORY Friday over the Clippers?  I have to know!

Oh yes, enjoy every sandwich!

Sincerely yours in C Town,




  1. Dead on, Munch! I cut Byron Scott NO slack in this debacle of a season. For the first time since 1976, I could care less about the Cav’s.

  2. Munch—STFU! The only thing anyone cares less about than the CAVS and COACH SCOTT, is YOU!! And Greg Brinda…but that’s a whole other story. And if you’re going to write someone a letter to call them out, at least have the common decency to proofread the damn thing, ya chucklehead!!

    Warmest regards,
    Diddy from Wooster

    • Dear Diddy
      If you care as little about the Cavs as you say you do, what are you doing reading the articles pertaining to them. Munch hit it on the head Byron Scott needs to be held accountable for this teams play as much as the players do , and the organization itself. If you don’t want to hear someone opinion on the subject dont move your mouse pointer and click the link.

      RLOF in Dover

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