Baseball: The Return

By: T.J. Zuppe

Take a deep breath, and take a look around you right now. Okay, so maybe its the smell of car exhaust and the look of dirty snow that spends its winters in the city of Cleveland.

But I smell and see something much different – spring is on the horizon.

Spring Means the Return of Baseball

Maybe it’s not the weather, as you know, we skip spring and fall in northeast Ohio. But simply relish in the thought of baseball returning, as Cleveland Indians pitchers and catchers report to Goodyear, Arizona today.

And yes, spare me the thought of the big gaping hole at third base right now, or the fact that Fausto Carmona is the ace of the pitching staff and after that is anyone’s guess, nothing can spoil the smile on my face.

Baseball brings us warm summer nights at the ball park, the smells of foods that make us fat, but we could not give a damn and the memories of our youth – some that seem like yesterday, others that actually were.

The sport is about so much more than the game.

There is a reason baseball is such a storybook sport. It is because it is the only game that is meant to be told that way, with the feeling of a grandfather’s voice telling us of day’s past.

It is the soothing feeling that leaves us while the days are cold, but brings us warmth in the hope of return.

Truly, it is a game that is not for everyone, which gives its fans a sense of pride in knowing that. However, it does not stop the purists from defending it until they day they die.

That is because it means a little something different to everyone, but one things remains – it always means something.

So as the days get longer and before the truth sets in, take a minute to know the game that so many love is on its way back. And for many, it could not come a moment too soon.


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