It’s Over

By Greg Brinda

Two more months and the Cavs season is over.

Can’t wait.

I’m now coming over to the dark side, that is the RODA side.  No, I’m not interested in another ping-pong ball in the hopper. I’m not rooting and don’t really care if the team gets the number one pick in the draft. I’m just not hoping the team gets another win

The reason: These guys don’t deserve it. Yes it was a nice win against the Clippers. It might have been the most entertaining game of the year. But that win was sandwiched between two bombs. The Cavs laid down in front of the Pistons and then on Sunday, the Cavs had no energy against a team that had not won a road game all year and who had the night before been spanked by the San Antonio Spurs.

And the team wants YOU to support this.

The coach still can’t figure it out and washes his hands on the motivation factor. The team obviously can’t motivate itself. It still doesn’t play defense and the lack of on the floor leadership is stunning. Yet the owner tweets occasionally that the team will be all right in the end and don’t worry we’ll be back.

Well, good luck with that. Right now this franchise is a disaster and a joke and realistically no real help is in sight.

As I said the clock is ticking and the end is near.




  1. Yeah! Screw the Cavs! I hope they don’t win another game all year either! Ok, enough of the sarcasm. Nice bandwagoning there, Brinda. Why it is so hard for you to support the team, even if they aren’t any good?

  2. “It might have been the most entertaining game of the year.”
    Nope… the home opener was the best game… downhill ever since.

  3. Fair weather fans make me sick. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. One of your best friends leaves you and tells you that you aren’t good enough for him, you lose both centers and another solid player in Delonte West. 4-5 Players who have started at some point this season have been injured in most cases for at least 2 weeks at a time. The only player on the team who can play the center position effectively is out for the entire season. To top it all off, due to lack of healthy players the losses have piled up causing players to lose their confidence. They are ridiculed daily by sports writers and TV shows like SportsCenter, Around the Horn, PTI, etc. they also have a coach who doesn’t seem to care and management who has made no statements or signs of any kind of a movement in the right direction. So you are saying we should all just turn our backs on these players who we have loved and supported for years because they are in a horrible situation. You are a horrible person and a horrible fan. I am embarassed that these types of fans exist in Cleveland.

  4. Really Brinda, you get your nose out of your golf magazine long enough to watch a game? Or are you busy at the buffet in the press room and can’t look up at the monitors? Have you gone to station management if you are that down on this team so you don’t have to do the after show? Why not just type, “GET OFF MY LAWN”

    It’s a full blown rebuild. Young guys, who will be role players, are getting much needed experience. Those who can’t cut it ( Hi Hollins) will be let go. With many draft picks intheir hands, the Cavs are going about a rebuild the right way. Hopefully the talent evaluation will land this team some good young players to build around.

    • Well placed comments, Scott! You know Bacon Brinda NEVER stops eating and has to keep working on that gut. He can’t go to station management and demand ANYTHING! He is the bottom rung on the ladder of station “talent”. We know the drill with Bacon…no show prep., same old boring takes and probably some lame “survey” just to get folks to call his unbelieveably predictable “show”. I love the station but just can’t listen to him anymore…Sunday mornings at 9AM are just brutal. I put it on just to see if he is off and some of the young talent is filling in on the show and actually put some effort into it.

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