Michigan May Not Rise

By Je’Rod Cherry

With Wisconsin stepping on Ohio State’s toes and allegedly spitting in the Buckeyes’ faces, we’re left to wonder what happened to Michigan football. Michigan is in jeopardy of losing its title as the Buckeye’s biggest rival to the Badgers, but it’s not due to lack of effort on Michigan’s part. I believe it may be a matter of demographics.

The same reasons that made Motown a musical capital made U of M a top football program. You see, the migration of blacks from the south to the Detroit area for auto jobs after WWII brought a wealth of talent to Michigan in regards to academics, arts, and athletics. Michigan was a benefactor of this talent pool for decades, however with the shrinking of the auto industry, the migration has now started to reverse and blacks are moving back to the south. This is one reason, I believe, why U of M’s basketball and football programs are struggling from a talent quotient. Unless there is a change in the demographics of Michigan, and Michigan can once again produce and keep home-grown talent, it is fair to surmise that Michigan may never rise again as a top football powerhouse.


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  1. And people aren’t leaving Ohio either?

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