Pitching Wins

By Aaron Goldhammer

In his interview on today’s Really Big Show, Indians’ beat writer Sheldon Ocker told Rizz that he thinks offense is the Indians’ biggest area for concern. Alas, the Tribe did finish 26th in runs scored in 2010 and no gurus are picking the Tribe to lead the league in home runs this year.

However, I can see a world in which in Indians line-up could be much better. Choo has proven to be a serious bat and I have confidence that Carlos Santana will become one of the best young position players in the league. Get lucky with Brantley or Laporta? Hafner and Sizemore stay off the DL? I’m not exactly “bullish,” but the Indians batting order could certainly be worse…

On the other hand, the starting pitching staff has more holes and few answers. I’m still shocked that the Tribe would not consider signing a veteran #3-5 starter to help mentor the extremely young and volatile group.

Cleveland finished 24th in team ERA in 2010. I know Shapiro and Antonetti are in love with the guy, but Bat Masterson and his 4.7 ERA and 1.5 WHIP as your second starter? Come on man. Fausto Carmona could return to 2007 form and the Tribe could still have the worst starting staff this side of Kansas City.

The Giants proved last season that in the post-steroid era, pitching wins. You don’t keep the big boppers if you have three top-of-the-line starters. Until the Indians totally revamp their staff, fans will continue to be more excited about toboggan shoots and skating parks than the product on the field.


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  1. “Goldie” being negative about a Cleveland team PRIOR to the first pitch being thrown? Shocking!!! How about we have our local sports radio folk be a little positive and let us enjoy a bit of hope before the season even starts!!! Let the national sports prognosticators predict doom & gloom for Cleveland. Obviously, a different story if the team is stinking up the joint. Well play Goldie – thank you for not disappointing us with your negative banter. I am thankful for being able to jot in a comment in response to what you think as YOU HANG UP ON EVERYONE AND ME AND MY FRIENDS WILL NEVER CALL RIZZ’S SHOW WHILE YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF THE PHONES. NOT TO MENTION BEING LEFT ON HOLD FOR HOURS WHILE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT FLOWER DELIVERY AND WHAT FACIAL MASK DID NOT WORK OUT IN YOUR METROSEXUAL “LIFE”.

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