The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

I truly love the band THE CLASH and all their LP’s were and still are my favorites, especially “Give ‘Em Enough Rope” and the more I think about it, that is exactly what Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert did with Eric Mangini and his staff last year!

So many items DEFIED LOGIC that transpired with the coaching staff of the Browns and I am shocked, but pleased as Mike and Tom stayed true to their words and DID NOT INTERFERE, that changes were NOT made during the season?

The insanity?

* Jerome Harrison being shipped off after HE HELPED SAVED THE COACHING STAFFS JOBS as the 2009 season came to a close!  Great dept at running back with that move!

* SEVEN WR’s on the team and they just were not used!  I know…throw the ball to Royal more!

* Jayme Mitchell joining the team with out EVER playing in the 3-4!  Now, as a pass rusher I am thinking “NICE, use him on 3rd down!”  He NEVER saw the field!

* Heckert also noted that Shaun Rogers “was a different kind of cat” and that cannot be disputed.  The GM did say that Shaun had been on losing teams so perhaps that was his problem but here’s what we know as reiterated by the PD’s Tony Grossi… “Shaun retired and did not tell anyone!”  Talk about a 3rd down player?  Shaun is a THREE DOWN PLAYER as in THREE DOWNS THE ENTIRE SEASON!  Mind boggling that after the Redskins dealt with Albert Haynesworth they would want to “jilly jack” around with (Big) BABY!!!

Of course our GM was also man enough to note that “Eric Wright was bad” and yes, it was puzzling!

The rope…YUP, Eric and his boys hanged themselves!


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  1. Mothing like the GM coming out and throwing Mangini and his staff under the bus. No need for that and Heckert has been knocked down a few pegs b/c of it.

    You’re upset at Harrison being traded? Guy was buried on Philly’s bench, not like we sent Bobby Mitchell to the ‘skins. When he did play this season for Cleve, he ave 2.9 YPC

    7 receivers w/ essentially the same skill set. Not one who can seperate from a defender. Not one who runs crisp, precise pass routes. Add on the turnstile at QB this season and a line that couldn’t give QB’s A, B, and C time in the pocket.

    Did anyone see Jayme Mitchell in practice? Maybe he didn’t get the scheme. If Mitchell is the Browns best pass rusher, he of 5 sacks in 4 seasons, then this team has bigger issues than him seeing the field.

    Rogers is no big deal. Good bye, good luck. He’s someone else’s headache now.

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