Hoops Observations

By: Aaron Goldhammer

A few hoops notes as I wait for another Cavs vs Lakers smack down…

–          Since Rizz and I have been traveling and the team has been on the road so often, it’s been a few weeks since my last visit to the Q. Frankly, I’m shocked at how many fans are still coming to the games and supporting this miserable team. Some Cleveland fans think I’m too hard on them…let me say: you are the most patient, passionate fans in the world. Anyone who goes to 41 games to watch a 9-46 team deserves a medal.

Cavs Center Ryan Hollins

–          Saw my buddy Ryan Hollins in pre-game and he wouldn’t look Fedor or me in the eye. Do you think he hates us? Has no idea who we are? Does he know how much we make fun of him and his lack of “basketball skills?”

–          Bryon Scott told us in pre-game that his favorite player growing up was Bob McAdoo. Got me thinking: How many times has former ESPN NBA analyst Bill Walton said a player reminds him “of a young Bob McAdoo.”

–          B-Spot burgers for Fedor and me…mmmmmmmm. Need a stand at Progressive Field this summer.

–          Say what you want about the quality of the basketball team, but Ahmad Crump is without question the best arena-host in the NBA. I say he’s the team MVP in the run away.

–          The Cavs throw more “passes to no-one” than any team I’ve ever seen. That includes JCC league…



  1. Why do fans continue to come to games? To not waste the money they shelled out for their tickets. They can’t sell them on stubhub and have a hard time giving them away, so might as well make the trip to see a game.

    You really think Hollins gives a rats a** who you or Fedor are or that the two of you are critical of him? You two give yourselves too much credit. And shouldn’t Fedor be fan boying Kobe anyways?

    Good thing Scott didn’t emulate early McAdoo on the court. Dude was grumpy and selfish. Funny how his attitude changed once he joined the Lakers and was getting easy shots playing w/ Magic/ Kareem/Worthy. One of the best 6th man his last few years.

    • Scott, well done!!!!

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