Catching Up With Hardesty, Haden

By: Will Burge

As the Cavaliers were upsetting the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers at Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night, multiple Browns were in attendance.

Josh Cribbs received the loudest ovation, but the biggest news came from a Browns’ player who was not even shown on Q Tube.

I caught up with Browns’ running Montario Hardesty and he gave me an update on the injury that ended his rookie season before it even started.

Browns Running Back Montario Hardesty

After suffering a torn ACL last year during a preseason game against the Chicago bears, Hardesty says he feels “good” and is now running and conditioning on the knee. He is not walking with a limp and that is great news for a guy who is hoping to get healthy by training camp and make an impact, assuming that there will be a NFL season.

Hardesty’s recovery adds depth to the Browns’ backfield which was depleted when Jerome Harrison was traded to Philadelphia. Many envision Montario as the second half of the Browns’ 1-2 punch with Peyton Hillis.

Speaking of young Browns, I also caught up with Joe Haden after he was done taking in the game from his court side seat.

Haden went to Browns HQ in Berea yesterday and met the entire new coaching staff. Joe told me they were “unbelievable” and seemed ecstatic about the regime.

Haden talked about the vibe being awesome and beamed with a smile as he said it.

Both of these developments are decidedly positive news in the midst of a very negative offseason for the NFL.

It would be just Cleveland’s luck for the pieces to start to fall into place just as the NFL shortens its season because of a lockout.



  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Sue Bandy, ESPN Cleveland. ESPN Cleveland said: ESPN Cleveland Blogs: @WillBurge Catches up with Montario Hardesty and Joe Haden #Browns #NFL […]

  2. good news on both ends good write willy b

  3. Let’s be realistic. The Browns are still about 2 drafts away (at least) from putting a consistent winner on the field. While this ‘lockout’ will hurt them, it’s not like we’re innthe doorstep of the Super Bowl & now we’ll be thrown off track. It’s gonna be a tough year. But we need to prepare for it and I see great things ahead in 2012. Patience is key.

  4. Cleveland Fans Can Use Whatever Good News Comes Our Way! Here’s To Wishful Thinking! Go Browns…!!!

  5. Burge is awesome…good insightful articles, cool video coverage at times and comes across well on the air. One would think that a lot less of Bacon Brinda on the air and more time for Burge would be appropriate. I like it…

    Now, to the article itself. Hardesty WILL be part of a big 1-2 punch with Hillis. Haden, TJ Ward and a healthy Fujita will ge the defense fired up. An easier schedule, MUCH better overall front office/coaching harmony and a few more solid free agents and another good draft keep us trending up. A burn wideout is a must…oh, and a continuation of McCoy’s solid development. No lock out!

    Now if Burge could only get Goldie to stop talking about Denver, hanging up on callers all the time, bashing OSU for no good reason…you get the drift. Out.

  6. Couldn’t agree more with Joe.. Feelin Willy B at 850.. I think he’s gonna be their next big thing one day like Rizzo is now.. I’d like to hear him more! Easy on Brinda tho.. His shows may not be as trendy and fun but nobodies predictions and takes are more dead on… He’s without a doubt the biggest voice of reason over there and I always hold his opinions in high regard no matter the sport.. And when he doesn’t know he says so.. I tend to like the shows with the younger feel and all the fun little segments cuz str8 sports can sometimes get stale but u gotta give the dean his due..

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