The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

I had to give this one some thought and I am ready to TOSS IT DOWN. Talkin’ about the C Town Cavaliers and who they should or should not keep!

My first thoughts are to get rid of them all!  NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE ON THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!  Those were also my thoughts this A.M. on Munch in the Morning, but with all this said, the time has come to keep some guys that can play (we hope) and who are young!

My keepers list:

* JJ Hickson! Brain fades at times but can run floor and is athletic!

* The CONGOLESE CONDOR…aka SKYENGA, Christian Eyenga!  He attacks the basket.  How many of you “band waggoner’s” LOVE HIM when you roasted ME and the FRONT OFFICE for liking him enough to take him!!??  Spanish leagues are the TOPS in Europe and that is where Christian was applying his trade!  Many of you wanted Blair out of Pitt but his knees scared off the Cavs. Yes, Blair is playing pretty darn good for San Antonio.

* Ramon Sessions. If he keeps playing with a bad ‘tude he can stay but will he lay an egg in his next game? CONSISTENCY Bro!

* WILD THING Anderson Varejo, but do not start him at center!  If those are your plans, ship him off!!

All the rest can go bye bye!

* Samuels, Gee, Harris, Hollins – not sure they belong on an NBA roster MOST OF THE TIME!

VETS like Jamison should be sent off. Fun watching him MOST OF THE TIME but along with Lebron’s “ELBOW” (LOL) another reason we lost in the playoffs last year!  He could not guard me!

Parker should have been shipped already, and MO…who will take him??

A tough one is BOOBIE GIBSON!  I keep him for bench scoring.

OSU – Purdue Sunday. Catch it on ESPN 850 WKNR!  Bucks can really make that “statement” with a win at Mackey vs. a VERY GOOD TEAM. Plus JON DIEBLER (3bler??) needs only one “3 pointer” to tie the BIG TEN record (PSU’s Pete Lisicky in 1994-1998) then set it with another!  BUCKS need scoring from more a variety of sources!


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