By Greg Brinda

How sweet it is!!!!

Golf Channel sent our buddy Jim Gray home this week because his ego went haywire.

Gray tried to interview Dustin Johnson during his round because he almost missed his tee time and was assessed a two stroke penalty for being late. The key here is “during the round”

Johnson’s caddy Bobby Brown, no not the singer, got into a shouting match with Gray after the round.

Apparently all those concerned thought it would be best that Gray leave.

I agree.

But how about no more Gray ever?

I now like the Golf Channel again

As for Gray, we all know he is a d_ _ _ _ _ bag!



  1. Wow…I never thought I would ever agree with Bacon Brinda!!?? But it happens to be the pot calling the proverbial kettle black in this case. It was only a few years ago when Bacon decided that he would HANG UP on any callers that had the audacity to support their hometown Cav’s that were down 0-2 to Detroit in the playoffs. If you were to try to lay out an arguemnet for the Cav’s being in the series, he would hang up on you immediately. Recall, that our Cav’s took the lead in that series only to lose in the end. Talk about a D-bag! It was even worse as it was being done to our local fans that were trying to support our hopeful fans in our championship starved city.

    I WONDER IF HE WILL HAVE THE GUTS TO REPLY??? My prediction, don’t hold your breath!!!!!!!!

    • I love all of you haters..when I habg up on someone it’s because that caller no longer has anything to offer. So when you get your own show (Ha Ha) you can make those judgements to. Keep on hating We all love it here!

      • I don’t think most of us WANT our own show. You made a blanket statement and said you would immediately hang up on anyone that said the Cav’s had a chance…and YOU did. It did not matter what anyone had to say!

        How about the recent times you decided to pick on your interns because they don’t get paid…several times – talk about a classless, D-bag move! I am sure they will have your back if and when you ever need them. You are jaded & bitter and really need to move on at some point. Sooner then later would be really good!

        Just because you get a few of your friends, once a year, to fill out positive surveys on behalf of you when Craig K. conducts them is no reason for them to keep you on the air as you stumble to the end of a massively underwhelming career. Holding the microphone up in Berea might be enough for you to do while Roda and others actually do show prep and ask questions. Actually, an intern could do that!

  2. Why does anything Jim Grey does surprise anyone. He tried to get Neil O’Donnell to throw his teammates under the bus when Piit lost to Dallas in SB xxx. He was disrespectful to Pete Rose during the All Century celebration at the AS game in ’99. To think he’d turn over a new leaf, especially after his a** kissing during The Decision, is laughable.


    • and no one’s hating Brinda, just hoping the ‘KNR personalities do some show prep and involve the listeners more. Seems like you guys are afraid that the callers may be more insightful

      • Well done Scott!

  3. P.S. – Just to clarify Scott. There is PLENTY of HATE for Bacon Brinda…it has been around since “the old WKNR”. He puts the R in retread and was fired once before…this time it needs to be for good. I don’t believe there is a “Drennan” situation looming currently at WKNR this time…

    • I listened to ‘KNR since the beginning. I remember the BSK, Peter Brown, Bill Needle. That’s when it was sports talk. There was lots of interaction with the listeners. Now everyone believes that we want to hear nothing but the opinions of the host and no one else. You have a ton of listeners who have good knowledge of the ins and outs of the local teams but they’re not able to voice their opinons, especially if they differ from that of the hosts. I heard Fedor over the summer on a Sunday morning discussing the debate on the NBA’s best player. Fedor made his case for Kobe. A femaile caller spoke abouit her arguement that James was now the best. She made very valid points with facts to back it up. Fedor all of a sudden said they had to go to break, hung up on her, then proceeded for the next 10 minutes tell the audience why she was wrong. What happened to the “break” that was needed? I’ve said it here and on other boards, my opinion is that the ‘KNR personalities are too afraid to debate callers for fear of being put in their place or made to sound stupid. It’s easy to say things on air and call them facts just b/c they spew them. I’d like to see some of them go on a website like the OBR or the clevelandfan and join in on the discussions there. They might realize that there are plenty of intellegent fans out there, it’s just that now, these fans no longer turn to talk radio b/c talk radio has turned it’s back on them.

      • Scott – again…freakin’ awesome post. My favorite is when the guys give a caller about 15 seconds and then the guys, typically Roda & Reghi, pontificate about what the caller just said and wonder what he meant. Well guys, if you would have left the caller on a bit longer, you could have asked them! Still, it’s entertaining. Bacon Brinda is so far and away the worst (see above). Then the blast about “living in your Mother’s basement” pops up. Hilarious… I could buy and sell Bacon in a minute as many could. Still can’t get over how someone that is a supposed “Hall of Famer” is now relegated to mop up duty on the station and just holds a microphone out in Berea or wherever. No substance… Time to let some of the young bucks step up and put Bacon out to pasture…something waaaaay overdue!

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