The Glass Half Full Tavern

By Munch

OK, who’s flippin’ out about Josh Cribbs’ tweets?  So, Lebron is “his boy”. Wow, I will lose plenty of sleep tonight!  LOL!  C’mon…friends are friends, “WARTS AND ALL”. But Josh should call Dan Gilbert, who got him the center court tickets, and apologize to him.  I truly feel that is the right thing to do!  Now, I have known all along that they were “buds”, so what is the big deal?  BRAIN CRAMP – heck yes, BAD TASTE – heck yes but C’MON!!!!  The Cavaliers team was much worse than that when they were hugging, hand shakin’ and shootin’ the breeze with Lebron 12/2/10 – when the Wine and Gold got fetal in the face of the Miami Heat onslaught!  THAT WAS MUCH WORSE – GIVING UP, FOLDING YOUR TENTS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A HARD FOUL ON Lebron!

I gotta say the people complaining the most were the same ones roasting “WYNDIE” (Brian Wyndhorst) for taking the job of covering the heat!  C’MON!!!!

Huge week for CSU and OSU – just win baby!  BUCKEYES – you cannot ALWYS come back and win!  No 15-point lead blown this time by OSU and too much E’Twaun Moore!  You can say “Mo’ Better” and Vikings… when I see a team out rebounded by 29, YES TWNETY FREAKIN’ NINE REBOUNDS, I must question HEART and DESIRE!

BTW – The 5th grade CYO team that I help coach plays in a tourney at St. Pete’s Ridgeville tonight at 7p.  Stop by for some PURE FUN if you are in the neighborhood!


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