It’s About the Pick, People

By Michael Reghi

Please don’t waste a moment of your time worrying about the cause and effect of Baron Davis becoming a Cleveland Cavalier. Nor that Mo Williams and Jamario Moon have been jettisoned. The three of them combined mean zero. Absolutely nothing. While I won’t pretend to be concerned, or even make an educated guess how the Los Angeles  Clippers view their NBA world moving forward, for the Cleveland Cavaliers this is all about gaining one thing. A certain lottery pick, unprotected, most probably in the 7-10 range of the June 2011 draft, to tag team with their own top 4 selection, or so it appears today.

So here is your favorite hoops organization, in desperate talent straits as we know, now sitting with four selections in the two rounds of the draft, three of them in the top 31 or so. How do you like the next four months squarely in the spotlight Chris Grant? Your move, sir! Lots of time to dissect that, and as I told you on ‘Afternoon R and R’ last week, my NBA intel and conventional wisdom around the league suggests Duke freshman point guard Kyrie Irving is the player that Grant and Byron Scott most covet.

With still a couple hours to play with before the trade window closes, as I told Roda, and you, on yesterday’s show, I would love to see Grant and the Cavaliers add a younger NBA ready talent with an eye on the future. Not an elite player, no, yet there are those out there, under 25 years of age, with proven skills in their first couple years in the league, who could be significant pieces to this squad and rotation going forward. They can be had from their current teams.

Players like Houston’s Courtney Lee, who dropped 17 points on the Cavaliers off the Houston bench last night. How about Mareese Speights, 6-10 and 23 years of age, who shoots the ball extremely well (50% career), yet languishes on Doug Collins’ Philly bench, or Derrick Brown, the 6-8 athletic former Xavier standout, who Paul Silas refuses to play in Charlotte? He’d instantly go into the Cavaliers rotation. A fourth, 6-10 Brandon Wright, whom I mentioned yesterday, was moved by Golden State late last night.

Trust me Cavaliers fans. In the next couple seasons, Chris Grant’s ability to (or inabilities, to) make this type of move, will go a long way in how quickly the Cavaliers make forward progression back to relevancy. Absolutely drafting astutely will be vital…and so will plucking gems from other teams’ rosters that will make the Cavaliers ‘whole’ once again.


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  1. I think that this move is going to help the Cavs for the future, but in the grand scheme of things it makes me wonder. The fans in Cleveland are great and we have shown great love for bad teams. LeBron was treated like a “king” and he jettisoned and left us with nothing. Hopefully the picks we use this year get us players that may also be interested in sticking with this team for the long run. I think that with how the NBA is now, the teams in smaller markets need to find players who, if treated right, will come to love this town. We need a Kevin Durant in here, not another LeBron. Go Cavs!

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