Serve Your Audience

By Je’Rod Cherry

As the world’s political stage remains in turmoil, especially in the Middle East, professional athletes and organizations alike can learn a thing or two in regards to the importance of serving your base.  As I write, Muammar al-Gaddafi, the dictator of Libya, is learning what former Egyptian ruler Mubarak has recently experienced: people will only tolerate for so long disregard and disrespect before they demand change and discontinue their support.

Rule number one in government, as well as the entertainment industry, should be: Do not alienate your base of support.

Over the weekend, Josh Cribbs, and on Tuesday Josh’s wife Maria, ignored the fact that they play and reside in Cleveland, not Miami. The end result of the Cribbs laissez-faire attitude on twitter has sparked a French Revolution amongst the Browns fan base in which Josh Cribbs, who is arguably Cleveland’s most popular athlete, is fast becoming Louis XVI. And his wife Maria is doing a stellar job of playing the part of Marie Antoinette.

So far, only feelings have been hurt and no one’s head has been chopped off. However, if Josh has another lackluster season there is always the possibility of getting the football equivalent of the guillotine, which is getting cut by the Browns, and the Browns fans would approve.

All is not lost for Cribbs. They can still maintain their title. When you serve and please your base, whether it is government or entertainment, people can be forgiving. A few touchdown returns and this is all water under the bridge. However, with average to poor football play, this episode will shorten Cribbs football shelf life in Cleveland.  I would suggest that the Cribbs family take a look at what is going on around them because history repeats itself. Although minor in comparison, the Cribbs family can learn from al-Gaddafi, Mubarak, as well as the late Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Josh and Maria are the Duke and Duchess of sports entertainment for Northeast Ohio. Their reign may or may not last long.  You see, many “privileged” and or “noble” families can attest that when you give the “masses” a reason not to like you, they will generally take you up on that offer and eventually remove you from your seat of power if you do not give them enough reasons to continue their support.


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